What Happens When Someone Skips Out On Criminal Bonds in Angleton?

Nine times out of ten, a person facing criminal charges who has been bonded out knows the severity of their situation and shows up for their scheduled court appearances when they’re supposed to. There’s always that small sliver of a chance, however, that they’ll skip town and completely avoid going to trial. When a bond has been issued and there’s a fugitive on the loose, a few different dominoes begin to topple, with everything culminating in a larger problem for the person in question once they’re found.

One of the first things that’s going to happen is the manhunt for the offender. While police and other officials will put out a hunt for a courtroom no-show, the bond company can also put out a trace on their skipper—this is usually called “skip tracing” as the name implies, but is also known as sending out a bounty hunter. Yes, bounty hunters are indeed real, however they’re not generally as overhyped as they are in an action movie. Bounty hunters are often trained professionals who know how to track down, located and recapture a bail jumper that has chosen to leave behind criminal bonds in Angleton.

Meanwhile, while a bounty hunter and local police search for a fugitive, the bond collateral can also be called in. What this means is that whatever was put up against the bail amount will be repossessed and liquidated in order to cover the bond. For some people, this means losing assets because a person decided not to show up for court.

Beyond just the ramifications affecting the bond itself, skipping out on criminal bonds in Angleton can also have adverse effects on court proceedings. Once trust has been broken, it’s unlikely that a person will be granted bond again, especially if their case is delayed due to the bond jumping incident itself. Also, during the case, it can be noted by the prosecution that the defendant chose to skip bail, which weighs very heavily against the integrity of the person standing trial.

Taking out criminal bonds in Angleton is not a matter on which to tread recklessly—this situation means showing up for your court date on time at any cost. Even the best reason for not showing up isn’t going to hold up in a courtroom and once you’ve had to face all of the challenges that come along with skipping bail, it’s hard to find a way out of the hole that you’ve dug for yourself.

The key to making the entire bonding process easier is choosing to go with an experienced bail bonds company—one that will clearly lay out your obligations for you regarding the bond. It’s your job to show up for court on time, however knowing the consequences of breaking your bond agreement can go a long way towards ensuring that you’re there on time, ready to face the music.

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