Can I Negotiate Bail Bonds in Angleton?

If you find yourself in a bonds office, waiting to secure a bail bond for someone that has recently been picked up on charges, a lot will likely be going through your head. Most of the time, your thoughts will drift to the financial implications that can come with taking out a bail bond—the collateral that you’ll need to put up, the amount of the bond you’ll be taking out, etc. And while taking out the bond may put you in a difficult financial position, it’s important to understand that a bail bond is a non-negotiable investment.

Sometimes, whether out of desperation or thought of a financial position, people attempt to negotiate their bonds. Negotiating a bond can mean anything from bartering for a lower collateral amount, to seeking a longer remuneration timetable. Before you start to think about these things as a way to lessen the impact of your bond, take heed—negotiating bail bonds in Angleton isn’t going to get you anywhere.

A bond is a bond

It should be first stated that many forms of bail bonds negotiation can be seen as unlawful. If you’re attempting to barter your bond stipulations, you may also be unknowingly putting yourself in the position of offering a bribe, which will only exacerbate the problem. Bribing a bail bondsman will likely get you a court date itself and it generally shows the bondsman that you’re someone who isn’t going to fulfill on repayment of that bond.

Another prospect to consider is that a attempting to put up collateral that is not your own will land you in jail. If you’re unable to secure the bond yourself, the easiest way to get the help you need is by having someone else with applicable collateral post the bond. If you try to use this person or their collateral by yourself, however, you’ve just broken laws with dire consequences.

Bondsman negotiation

Just as negotiating about bail bonds in Angleton will get you in all sorts of trouble, a bondsman offering negotiable options can also feel the weight of the law. In some cases, shady bondsmen have been known to offer a five percent bail premium. What this means is that bondsmen offer a five percent remuneration discount to those people who repay their bond in cash. And, while this may sound like a great deal, it’s illegal in many states and doesn’t actually save you money in the long run.

A clean bond is the best bond

When it comes to obtaining bail bonds in Angleton, consider your situation. Chances are, if you’re taking out a bond for someone, the situation is dire enough as it is—seeking out ways to cheat the bonding system are only going to make matters worse. A good bondsman will help you get the bond you need and be fair in financing your bond. Bail bondsmen who run a good business and offer fair practices, like Brazoria County Bail Bonds, are here to help you, not hinder the process.

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