Can Someone be Re-Imprisoned After Getting a Bail Bond in Brazoria County

Far too often, people believe that posting bail is equivalent to obtaining a “get out of jail free” card. While bail may grant you the ability to go home, go about your daily routine and even work while you await your upcoming trial, it’s not a hall pass that grants you complete freedom. Too often people are surprised to find themselves being rearrested before their trial, all because they stepped out of bounds while out on bail. Take a look at a few of the things you should avoid doing after you’ve secured a bail bond in Brazoria County:

Engaging in unlawful activities: This may seem like a no brainer, but even the simplest of illegal activities will immediately land you back in a cell if you’re out on bond. Stay away from situations that could leave you in a bad position should you be caught doing them and try to remain in your home or at your job as much as possible, to avoid ending up in a situation that could have dire consequences.

Leaving the city or state: Many times, when a judge grants a bail amount, he or she will do so provided you follow a few simple stipulations. These stipulations vary from case to case, but one that remains constant usually entails staying within the city limits. If you leave the city or state, or in some cases even the county, it could seem as though you’re attempting to flee your court date. When you’re finally tracked down or return home, you’ll likely have your bond revoked and you’ll sit in a cell until your court date arrives.

Purchasing firearms: Again, another no brainer situation to avoid while you’re out on a bail bond in Brazoria County—don’t apply for a firearm purchase. If you’re being bonded out, it’s generally going to be on a felony charge and as you very well know, it’s illegal for a felon to obtain a firearm. Regardless of if you’re innocent or guilty at the end of your trial, trying to purchase a gun while you’re out on bail is a big no-no.

Changing your address: This is a tricky one to remember—changing your address could land you back in a cell if you’re not careful to notify a bondsman or bond officer. Changes of address may be viewed as an attempt to conceal your whereabouts, so it’s important to always keep everyone privy to your new living location if you’re going to be moving while out on bond.

Show up for court: Aside from your pre-set court date, you may be required to appear in court for minor proceedings before the actual trial. If you fail to present yourself for these proceedings, it’s a big red flag to everyone that you’re not trustworthy out on your own. If this happens, your bond will likely be revoked and you’ll be contained to ensure that you are always on time for your court proceedings.

Remember, being bonded out is a privilege, not a right. Take care to stay on the right side of the law, keep lines of communication open and don’t stray too far from home.

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