Use Your Credit Card to Pay Your Bail Bondsman in Angleton, TX

Being unable to pay cash bail can be a difficult and stressful situation for a defendant and their family. But, not having the funds to pay a bail bondsman in Angleton, TX, can add to that stress level considerably, as it means your loved one won’t be able to leave jail while waiting for their day in court.

Fortunately, many bail bond companies offer the option of paying by credit card. A bail bond company generally requires payment of about 10 percent of the total amount of the bail. This means that even a relatively low bail amount—say, $10,000—still requires a payment of $1,000 to the bail bond company. For many families, this can be a difficult, if not impossible, amount of money to pull together in an emergency. Having the ability to pay by credit card can mean the difference between your loved one seeing temporary freedom and being held until their court date.

Options when paying by credit card

Being able to pay a bail bond company using a credit card can provide opportunities to help families handle a difficult situation in an uncomplicated manner. One of the greatest advantages is that it’s quick and easy. Whereas gathering sufficient cash can take valuable time, depending on how many people are contributing to the payment, where they live, and how much cash everyone has on hand for immediate use, paying by credit card can happen instantly. Best of all, it may even be possible to complete paperwork via email or fax. If you live far away from your loved one who needs assistance—if, for example, the defendant is a college student away from home—being able to use a credit card can potentially save days of stressful waiting time for you and your loved one.

No effect on your credit

One of the questions most people have when they hear about paying a bail bond company by credit card is whether making such a payment will have any effect on their credit score. This may not occur to people until after the fact, as the other stresses of the situation may weigh more heavily. But, the good news is that paying a bail bond company using a credit card will not affect your credit—it will just show up as any other payment would on your credit report.

However, the amount of the payment—and whether and how well you’re paying it off—does show up on your credit report, although, again, you aren’t penalized for the type of payment. Where a bail bond payment by credit card can affect you, though, is if the defendant doesn’t appear in court. In this case, the payment is sent to collections, which will have a negative impact on your credit score.

Brazoria County Bail Bonds is pleased to accept a variety of forms of payment, including credit cards. If you or your family needs a bail bondsman in Angleton, TX, we can provide the information and support you need during a challenging time.

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