Having Your Bond Revoked is no Joke

Go directly to jail, do not pass GO, and forfeit your bond. Okay, it might sound a little childish to put it in Monopoly terms, but this is essentially what happens when a bail bondsman in Angleton, TX decides to revoke your bond. Essentially, you forfeit your freedom and any chance you have to plan for your upcoming case and will spend the remainder of your time in jail, even if you were originally able to pony up your bail.

Revoking bail for the right reasons

What would make a bail bondsman revoke your bond? Any number of things, actually—a bail bondsman in Angleton, TX has a wide swath of power when it comes to what they can do with the bonds they issue and many times, if they feel as though their bond or the money that secures it is in jeopardy, they will revoke bond.

Let’s say, for example, that a person is released on bail and the bond is posted by Brazoria County Bail Bonds. The person’s court date is set for January 25 and one of the stipulations of their bond agreement is that they will not leave the county for any reason. If January 24 rolls around and the person is no longer in the county for some reason, Brazoria County Bail Bonds can rescind the bond and send an agent to arrest the person, based on the idea that they’re likely going to be FTA (failure to appear). Also, they’ve overstepped their bounds by leaving the county, which is cause enough to bring them in.

Basically, any time a bail bondsman feels as though the bond they’ve posted may be in danger of being forfeit, they have the power to arrest and surrender the person associated with it.

Don’t lose your bond

Now, there is a balance of power that keeps bail bondsmen in check when it comes to not just snapping any of their clients off the street and surrendering them to the courts. Firstly, if a person is surrendered the court may demand that the bonding agent surrender the premium to whomever posted the bond for the accused. This may mean that the bonding agent wasted their time and effort for no profit at all. Secondly, having a reputation for surrendering clients can backfire on a bondsman, causing potential clients to seek help elsewhere when it comes to posting their bond.

In reality, a bail bondsman in Angleton, TX is generally very sure that a person is going to violate their bond agreement or end up FTA before they call in a skip tracer (bounty hunter) to bring them in. Seasoned bondsmen will know the signs and have probable cause before they swoop in a rescind their bond and generally, they’re right—if they weren’t, it’s likely they wouldn’t be in business for long!

When it comes down to it, you have no need to worry about having your bond revoked if you behave while out on bail and make sure not to violate any bond agreements that you may be subject to.

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