Criminal Bonds Angleton, TX Aren’t Just for High Profile Arrestees

Criminal investigation shows have become a staple in the modern television diet of many Americans, and as a result, many people like to think they know how the criminal justice system works on an intimate level. These types of shows may give you some insight into the goings on of the courtroom or some behind the scenes in regards to what’s going on down at the local precinct, but not everything shown on television can be attributed to fact.

On television, when the suspect is booked for a crime and are awaiting trial, we tend to hear snippets of conversation being dropped, such as “bail is set at $500,000” or “the prosecution asks that bail be set at $100,000.” This might make some people think that they’re in the know when it comes to understanding how bail works, but in truth, this isn’t at all how bail works most of the time. Moreover, television shows often convince people that bail pertains only to high profile cases and that if they’re caught for breaking into a car or vandalizing property, they won’t have to worry about making bail.

Setting the facts straight about bail and criminal bonds in Angleton, TX isn’t always easy when you’re competing with fictitious television scenarios, but we’ll do our best to separate fact from fiction below:

  • Every case that’s going to trial or awaiting its day in court is subject to bail and every person going before a judge will have bail set for them, unless the judge denies bail for reasons surrounding the case (i.e. flight risks, too much media attention, risk of harm to the defendant, etc.).
  • Bail is usually a modest amount that’s manageable by someone befitting of the crime. For example, if you’re arrested for throwing a brick through your neighbor’s window, your bail isn’t going to be set at $100,000—this is just an outrageous dollar figure that doesn’t match the crime. Usually, your bail will be lower for lesser crimes and higher for more dangerous or violent crimes.
  • Ultimately, it’s your judge who’s going to set bail—you can’t request that bail be set at a certain amount and someone can’t raise your bail once a judge sets it. Recommendations and mitigating circumstances can be admitted to the judge during his/her consideration, but ultimately, the judge’s word sets your bail.

Also good to mention, when we’re considering reality versus fiction, are criminal bonds in Angleton, TX. Bond isn’t something that’s only afforded to high profile cases or star personalities—bail bondsmen exist on every level, to assist those people who need help making bail. Chances are, if you’re looking for a helping hand in making your bail, there’s a bondsman who’s willing to post your bond for you, provided you have the collateral to put up for it.

The next time you’re tuned into a cop drama or criminal show, be aware that what you’re watching is dramatized—not everything you’re hearing can be taken as fact, especially when it comes to bail.

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