How a Positive Drug Test Can Affect Drug Bail Bonds in Angleton

A common stipulation to drug bail bonds here in Angleton and elsewhere is that the defendant may not test positive for any drugs during the time that he or she is on bail and awaiting trial. Those drugs include alcohol, although it is legal for adults over 21, as well as marijuana, despite its legal status for medicinal and/or recreational use in some states.

When you are let out on bail, you implicitly accept being subject to random drug tests, which means that you need to stay away from drugs and alcohol at all times while on bail to avoid serious consequences. As a bail bonds service that has considerable experience handling drug bail bonds in Angleton, we’ve seen firsthand what can happen to someone when they test positive for drugs or alcohol while on bail. Here are some of the consequences you might face if you fail to remain drug free while awaiting trial.

  • Revoked bail: One of the most immediate things that will likely happen to you when you fail a drug test while on bail is that your bail will be revoked. This means that the bail money put up for your release will be kept by the authorities, and will ever not be returned. This means that this poor decision affects not only you, but also the loved ones who got the loan or put up the money for your bail.
  • Extra charges: Breaking any of the rules set for your bail is a crime in and of itself, which means that on top of your original charges, you’ll also likely be facing additional charges for testing positive for drugs or alcohol. Most people who need to be let out on bail have committed either a misdemeanor or a felony, which means additional charges will only further tarnish your record.
  • Fines: On top of additional charges and revoked bail, part of your punishment for breaking the conditions of your bail might be paying a hefty fine. If you’ve already had your bail revoked, you’re likely already in significant debt, so paying this fine will take a toll on both you and your loved ones. In some states, breach of bail can result in a fine as high as $10,000.
  • Jail time: Obviously, once you’re in breach of bail, you aren’t likely going to be given another chance. That means immediate jail time for you, unless you get lucky and strike some sort of deal. And since you’re looking at additional charges for breaching bail, your overall jail time will probably increase as well.
  • Remember your medications: Now that you know the potential consequences of breaching your drug bail bonds in Angleton, hopefully you will do everything you can to remain sober during your time on bail. It’s also worth noting that certain legal medications can cause you to fail a drug test, so make sure you notify your lawyer and get proof of prescription from a doctor before being put in a potentially messy misunderstanding.

Contact an experienced bail bondsman in Angleton to learn more about the potential ramifications of a failed drug test.

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