What are Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Angleton, TX

There are three major types of criminal offences and most infractions generally carry the penalty of a fine. Misdemeanors depend on the judge’s decision, which can be everything from a large fine to a few days of jail time. Felonies are the most severe criminal charge, starting with at least one year in a state penitentiary.

Most bail bonds are attached to felonies, but misdemeanor charges can result in the need for a bond as well. A misdemeanor assault, for example, may result in six months in jail or a $1000 fine. These sorts of charges will also require some time at the courthouse. Answering such charges may result in the need for misdemeanor bail bonds in Angleton, TX.

Take a look at a few factors that may play a part in what your bail is set at, even if you’re only looking at misdemeanor charges:

  • Multiple charges: Misdemeanor charges are can be elevated to felony charges and require a bail bond for the accused to stay out of jail. The most common elevation stems from multiple smaller charges being filed. The more counts of a misdemeanor filed at once, the likelier it will be tried as a felony. This also can occur if the accused was on probation when the new charges were filed. Past history may also contribute to whether a misdemeanor becomes a felony. Basically, the more severe the misdemeanor and the more strikes against you, the higher your bail amount is likely to be set.
  • A more serious crime: Misdemeanor assault usually refers to an act of violence against a person but can mean physical contact without consent. Many exceptions exists to elevate simple assault charges: throwing a punch might just be simple assault while connecting with the punch might become assault and battery. Jurisdictions differ on where the lines are drawn, but the fact remains the same: if your misdemeanor crime is deemed to be heavier than another similar charge, you might be faced with more severe consequences.
  • Severe injuries to the victim: When the accused tries to do more than simply frighten the victim, the crime might be elevated to aggravated assault. Assaulting with the intent to rob or kill counts as aggravated assault. Assault with a deadly weapon also counts but injuring a victim with bare hands can also increase the severity of the charges. Doing lasting harm will likely cause the charges to be elevated.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, you should be aware of misdemeanor bail bonds in Angleton, TX. Charges can be modified based on the circumstances of the case. Multiple misdemeanors can increase the severity of the charge. Past history makes judges more likely to require jail time, which means bail to stay free. The severity of the crime can also affect the likelihood of bail. An injured victim means charges can quickly get more intense. Make sure that if you need help, you understand your options.

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