The Difference Between Bail and Felony Bail Bonds in Angleton

In the upset that often arises with felony charges, distinguishing between bail and felony bail bonds in Angleton becomes difficult. Not knowing the difference can hinder finding the right service when dealing with your bail. This overview will help you understand how felony bail bonds work so you can cooperate better with your agent and avoid further trouble.

An explanation of bail

Bail is the amount a court sets so you can be released. It is normally set according to income, as excessive amounts are considered unconstitutional—except in the most egregious crimes where the defendant is a flight risk.

If you have enough money in your savings account to cover the amount determined by the court, then it is paid in cash and you are released. As long as you continue to show up at your required hearings and do not get arrested, you will get that money back at the end of the proceedings. Failure to show up at a future hearing forfeits the money and places a warrant out for your arrest.

Where felony bail bonds come in

Bonds are a means to pay bail, not the bail amount itself, which, as explained, can be paid with cash. If you do not have the cash, a bail bond company will vouch for you so you can be released. For this service, you will pay a percentage of bail (no more than 10 percent in Texas) to the agent.

The basic scenario proceeds like this: A judge sets your bail at $20,000, for example, which is beyond your means. You or a relative reach out to a bail agent and agree she will be responsible for assuring your attendance at future hearings. The agent will charge $2,000 for this service, which can be secured with real estate, personal property or other collateral.

Unlike paying in cash, your compliance will not lead to money being returned to you. The fee is what you pay the agent for a professional service.

Why you want to honor the agreement

If you decide to skip your court date after securing a bail bond, that decision will make your life much more difficult. The bond agent is now liable for your bail, and this is not a good financial situation for her. She will likely hire bounty hunters to track you down so the obligation is fulfilled. Facing a felony can be frightening, but being on the run for the rest of your life is not much better.

You need to view the bail bond for what it is, which is an opportunity to remain out of prison before your trial. It is not a chance to escape or avoid any responsibility you might have in your alleged crime. Your solution to facing criminal charges is to hire defense counsel or have a lawyer appointed—not attempt to skip out on your bail bond obligation.

Brazoria County Bail Bonds is available to provide misdemeanor and felony bail bonds in Angleton, TX. Contact us if you wish to avoid spending your pre-trial time in jail.

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