Bail: a Simple Solution to Overcrowded Jails

Did you know a ticket can land you in jail? It’s small-scale crimes and first-time offenses like this that could easily overcrowd jail cells. From DWI to petty theft, low-level criminals flood the courts with cases each day. If everyone remained in the system during their criminal procedures, the jails would be overflowing in a day! That’s what makes criminal bonds in Angleton so important.

Bail provides relief to both the penal system and those pressed with charges. By posting bail, those facing prosecution for lesser crimes can be released, allowing room in jails for those charged with greater offenses. The trick is having the money to pay bail.

Often, funds aren’t available to keep the first-time offender out of jail. When this is the case, bail bond agents can step in and help provide the necessary funds to keep people out of jail and keep prisons less crowded.

Keeping costs down

In addition to the space issue, the great influx of prisoners to jails is expensive. Housing criminals costs money. If everyone arrested stayed behind bars, prisons might go bankrupt!

By providing the option for those with less harsh crimes to pay bail, additional funds are coming in to the legal system to help cover costs, rather than simply putting more people behind bars and increasing the financial burden on the system.

Paying your bail

Bail does not have to be paid directly by the person being charged with the crime. Anyone can post bail for them. This could be a relative or friend. If the funds cannot be found to keep the person out of jail, he or she can seek help from a bail bonds agency. In exchange for assurance that the accused will appear for all of their court dates, the courts allow bail bonds agents to pay bail. The accused pays an up-front fee, which is only a fraction of what they would have to come up with on their own for bail.

This bail bonds agency system helps first-time offenders strapped for cash to stay out of prison. Bail bond agents help take the pressure off overcrowding and financial concerns of prisons.

Trading collateral for freedom

What if the accused can’t afford the bail bonds agency fee? It is not uncommon for those facing criminal charges to lack the funds even for the low percentage of the bail that they need for the bail bonds agent. Rather than turning these accused away and adding them to the crowded prison population, bail bonds agents offer another solution.

Providing collateral for the fee is an option. The accused can offer property or other valuable assets as collateral for the bail fee. This method provides further defense against overcrowding in jails and great expense to the legal system.

Criminal bonds in Angleton

If you or someone you know is facing a first-time offense or small-scale charges but could still end up behind bars, bail will most likely be a desirable option. Brazoria County Bail Bonds can help. Offering criminal bonds in Angleton, our agency provides the much-needed funds to protect you or your loved one from jail-time and keep the legal system running smoothly.

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