Five Questions to Ask Your Loved One Before Securing Their Bail Bonds in Angleton

Nobody relishes the idea of having to secure bail bonds in Angleton. But in the unfortunate event that a close relative or friend does find themselves in need of bail, you might find yourself wondering whether you can do it, whether you should do it and how you can be sure you are making the right decision. While there is no way to be 100 percent certain you are making the right call, there are certainly things you can do to feel more confident about your ultimate decision. Here are five questions to ask your loved one before securing their bail bonds in Angleton.

What crime are you accused of committing?

If you are going to be securing their bail bond, you have a right to know what crime they are accused of committing. If it is a minor or nonviolent crime, you might be more comfortable helping them. If it is drug or alcohol related, you can suggest helping them only on the condition that they seek help for their problem. However, if the crime is particularly unsavory or violent, you might consider not associating any further with the person in question, especially if it seems clear that they are guilty or might pose a danger to you.

Will you be able to pay me back immediately, or will it take a while?

Obviously, someone in jail will not be able to offer much direct proof of their financial situation. One way around this is to ask if there is someone you can call, such as a friend or roommate, who might be able to vouch for the loved one. If you do not need to be paid back immediately, try to at least work out a loose payment schedule before posting bail, or discuss it directly after.

How can I be sure you will not skip bail?

If you know the person asking for help with bail particularly well, you might feel that you know their true character enough that you can trust them—or not trust them. If you are not so sure, try to work out some sort of system, whether it is their living with you during their bail period, or their giving you some sort of small collateral to ensure they show up.

I do not know you very well—is there anyone else who can help?

Whether it is a recent friend or a distant relative, you might find yourself confused that the person in question would reach out to you for bail bonds in Angleton, and not someone they know better. This could be a bad sign—perhaps the defendant has already alienated everyone close to them. Ask some questions to get a feel for why they chose you, and whether there is anyone else you can call for them.

I cannot afford this—is there any other way I can help?

If it comes down to a matter of simply not being able to afford it, there are still other ways you can help, including offering emotional support and calling other people who might be able to provide the necessary funds.

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