How a Judge Determines Your Bail Amount

Bail is one of the best tools to keep you from sitting in jail while you wait for a court date. The amounts are set to ensure the court that the suspect will return for their hearing. Typically, bail can be in the form of cash, property or a bond. But if you fail to show up, the court will keep the property or funds. Most jails issue a standard bail amount for minor offenses, while a more serious offense may require a bail hearing conducted by a judge. Determining the bail amount is based off of much more than just the booking charges though.

Here are a few factors a judge may consider when determine your bail bond in Angleton, TX:

Seriousness of the crime

The set bail amount correlates with the seriousness of the crime. Misdemeanors have a lower bail amount than a felony. This isn’t supposed to be a punishment though. The bail is intended to serve as a guarantee that the suspect will return for their court date. The more money you pay, the more likely it is that you’ll show up for court.

Past criminal history

If the individual under arrest has a long list full of past criminal activity and arrests the judge may consider them to be more of a potential threat. This is an indicator that the suspect is more likely to commit another crime before they return for their court appearance. While unusually high bail amounts are unconstitutional, a judge can set a higher bail amount if they believe it is the best option to keep society safe.

Failure to appear

Your bail could be considerably higher if you have a history of failing to appear for court dates. The judge may see a pattern and set a higher bail in an attempt to get the suspect to show up. The judge in your case has the right to even consider denying bail entirely.

Outstanding warrants

It is much more likely that the judge will set a higher bail or even legally deny bail if the arrested suspect has outstanding warrants. The court will use this time to pursue the outstanding charges and notify the appropriate authorities.

Flight risk

The judge will consider how likely it is that you will “disappear” before your court date. A suspect may be more likely to flee if they do not have strong family ties in the area or have not lived in the community for very long. A person who has spent their entire life in one city is less likely to be a flight risk as they may not have anywhere else to go.


Having a job could benefit you when the judge is determining your bail bond in Angleton, TX. The court will consider whether the suspect would face a significant loss of income or potentially lose their job if they are unable to post bail.

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