An Introduction to Bail Bonds: Five Questions You Might Have

If a loved one ever faces criminal charges and calls you for help, you will probably have a lot of questions for your bail bonds agent in Angleton. Understandably, many people feel anxious and overwhelmed at the prospect of posting bail, especially when they are already preoccupied with the health and wellbeing of the person in jail.

Here are the answers to five commonly asked questions about bail bonds that will help you get the bail bonds process started with confidence.

What do I need to know before I reach out to a bail bonds agent?

When you call a bail bonds agent in Angleton, they will want to know a few key things in order to assist you:

  • What is the full name and booking number of the person you wish to help? The bail bonds agent will contact the jail using this information, and the bail agent can look up the booking number if you don’t have it.
  • Where is the person being held? This includes city, state, and jail name.
  • How much is the bail? This will help the agent determine the cost of posting the bond, as well as the requirements for getting the person released from jail. If you do not have this information, the bail agent can look it up for you.

What forms of collateral do bondsmen accept?

There are a variety of types of collateral that may be accepted, depending on the bonding office to which you go. Common forms include: bank accounts, personal credit, credit cards, stocks, bonds, cars and jewelry.

Ask your bail bonds agent in Angleton what forms of collateral are accepted at their office.

What should I do if I think the defendant for whom I posted bail is not planning to appear at court?

Contact your bail bonds agent immediately so they can advise you of your options. A good agent will have experience with this type of situation, and be able to counsel you on your best course of action.

What happens if the defendant is re-arrested after they are out on bond?

When the person is back in custody, you can surrender the bond, and you will no longer be liable. If you decide to surrender the bond, you will not get the premium back. If you decide to post a new bond, you will have to pay for two bonds and two premiums.

How long is my loved one accountable to the bail agent?

As long as the person has any pending court dates, the bail agent is responsible for them. Once the case is over—whether they have been found guilty or not—the bond becomes void. The bail agent is not responsible for any fees handed down by the court in the form of programs, fines, or further charges resulting from the defendant being found guilty of charges or pleading out.

Make sure you find a good bail bonds agent in Angleton who will treat you and your family with respect and honesty. Brazoria County Bail Bonds employs licensed bondsmen with over 20 years of experience. Give us a call today so we can help your loved one get out of jail quickly and smoothly!

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