Six Huge Bail Bonds in the U.S.

Sometimes bail bonds in Angleton can be costly, and no one knows the high price of bail bonds better than the people below. If your bond is expensive, take heart: it could be worse! White collar crimes can carry surprisingly hefty bail prices. Below, we detail six such examples:

  1. Jeff Skilling and Andrew Fastow: $5 million

Our first example is actually two men, who were ordered to pay $5 million a piece for their bail. Both execs were convicted of conspiracy and fraud that led to the ruin of their energy company, Enron.

  1. Bernie Madoff: $10 million

Who could forget Bernie Madoff? This business tycoon is famous today not for his enormous income but for the even more enormous Ponzie scheme he ran, which defrauded his investors (estimating in the thousands) of about $18 billion. Countless families were financially ruined, and Madoff paid for his greed. He was handed down the maximum prison sentence of 150 years, and must pay restitution of $170 billion.

  1. Raj Rajaratnam: $100 million

Rajaratnam’s case made headlines, and his huge bail price was certainly part of the chatter. This hedge fund exec founded the Galleon Group, but got busted for insider trading of the stock of goliath companies such as Google and Hilton.

  1. Julius Meinl V: $133 million

We certainly do not envy Meinl, who had to pay $133 million just to post bail. The price was understandably high for this former billionaire British banker, due to the crimes with which he was charged: namely, defrauding investors. No one likes to be tricked, and Meinl had to pay (quite literally) for his schemes.

  1. Michael Milken: $250 million

At the time of his arrest, Milken was the head of the junk bond department at Drexel. In 1989, he became the central figure in Wall Street’s largest criminal investigation. He was hit with 98 counts of insider trading, during which time he is believed to have made close to $1.8 billion. He took a plea bargain that gave him a sentence of 10 years, but he got out of prison in under two years. That’s an impressively short amount of incarceration, especially considering how much money it cost to post bail!

  1. Marcus Schrenker: $4 million

Schrenker was a highly successful wealth manager in Indianapolis, working with millions of dollars for his clients every day. Unfortunately, his greed got the better of him, and he came up with a unique scheme: he hid the fact that his investors would be charged costly fees when they switched their annuities. This act gave him an extra $250,000, which he pocketed.

The best part of this story has yet to be revealed, however. In an attempt to get out of the trial and ensuing embarrassment and restitution, Schrenker tried to fake his own death. The schemes included parachuting into a swamp, an airplane crash and a dramatic chase through a forest before he was apprehended!

We hope these stories will give you some encouragement if you are facing a high bail bond in Angleton. Take heart, and enlist the services of a certified agent who can get you back on your feet in no time.

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