Advice from Bail Bondsmen in Angleton, TX: How to Decide If You Should Post Bail for Someone

No one wants to get a phone call at two in the morning from a friend or family member asking them to come bail them out of jail. But if they genuinely do need your help, and you want to help, then there are a few important things to consider. Here are some useful tips from bail bondsmen in Angleton, TX about how to decide if you should post bail for someone:

  • Know the person you’re bailing out: When you make bail for someone, you are agreeing to take on all or most of the financial responsibility. In other words, if you don’t pay the entire amount in cash up front, then you are going to have to include some form of collateral with value—such as a vehicle, piece of real estate or other type of property. As such, it would not be wise to post any amount of bail for someone you do not know well. They might not repay you, or may even fail to appear in court, in which case you will be responsible for the entire bond.
  • Understand what you’re signing: Because a bail bond is a type of insurance policy, you should understand what it is you are agreeing to before signing anything—especially legal or financial documents. Know what is actually in the bond, and the extent of its coverage for the person getting the bail. And be aware that the premium you’ll pay is not going to be refunded, as it is basically the price of the bail policy. A trustworthy bail bonds agency will gladly repeat any of the information and answer questions without hesitation, so ask away!
  • Assess them as a person: Since you should only consider getting a bail bond for a close friend or family member, you ought to already know them as a person—their habits, work ethics, personality and trustworthiness. Why is this important? Because if it’s your name on the financial responsibility document for that bail bond, then it is your money or possessions at risk if they break any part of the agreement—like skipping court or making a run for it. Also, your friend or family member called you for bail because they didn’t have the means to bail themselves out. It’s crucial to know that the initial premium payment paid to the bail bonds agent is non-refundable. So you need to know that the person you bailed out will be reliable when it comes to paying you back.
  • Know your level of involvement: Since you purchased the bond, and it’s your money or belongings on the line, you should want to be involved in the legal process after the person has been released from jail. Otherwise, one slip and the person goes back to jail and your money is gone. Your role in all of this is as much as you can take on: reminding them of court dates, driving them to court and making sure they are staying out of trouble and adhering to the judge’s orders.

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