What Is Reinstatement of Bail Bonds in Angleton?

Have you heard the term “bail bond reinstatement”? Are you unclear of the meaning of this legal jargon? If you are involved in any legal action, it is important to understand the terminology surrounding your proceedings. Following is an overview of bail bonds in Angleton. Use this to educate yourself on bail bond reinstatement and related issues.

Bail Bonds in Angleton

To properly understand bail bond reinstatement, you must first know the definition of a bail bond. This is a written document signed by a defendant, promising they will appear in court on the date and time set by the court. The defendant pays an amount specified by the court, called bail, which allows them to be released from prison until that set date.

Bail Bond Reinstatement

Occasionally, the court may revoke bail for a variety of reasons. If the court reestablishes the bail that was previously revoked, this is called bail bond reinstatement. The bond may have been forfeited because the defendant did not meet their conditions of bail. Often, the court charges the defendant a fee for the reinstatement.

Bail Bond Reinstatement Eligibility

Not every defendant or case is eligible for bail bond reinstatement. This is determined by a variety of factors. The first factor is the charges of the crime. Its level of severity and class of crime help determine whether bail bond reinstatement is a possibility. Another important consideration is how long ago the bond was forfeited. Certain time limitations may come into play. Lastly, the court judge has to have a reason to reinstate the bond. It is often up to the defendant’s attorney to supply the judge a good reason to do this.

Missing the Bail Bond Date

It’s important to understand what happens if you miss your bail bond date. After promising to appear in court at a certain day and time, if you miss this appearance, the court will issue a failure to appear (FTA), and a bench warrant is issued. The charges for FTA could be a class C misdemeanor, class A misdemeanor or third-degree felony. The punishment varies from a small fine to several years in prison.

Bail Bondsmen

If the court sets bail for your release, a bail bondsman can assist you. A bail bondsman offers to stand as surety for your bail in exchange for a fee. If you do not show up for your court appearance, the bail bondsman is responsible for locating you and bringing you to court. It’s best to avoid a situation where your bail bondsman is trying to locate you to fulfill the arrest warrant issued for you. If you miss your court date, notify your bail bondsman and explain what happened. They can work with you to assist you with the situation.

We Can Help

If you or a loved one has been arrested and can’t make their bail, Brazoria County Bail Bonds can help. We specialize in bail bonds in Angleton. Whether you need bail bond reinstatement or other bail bond assistance, our professionals are ready to assist you.

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