Understanding Your Options for Bail Bonds in Angleton

The period following an arrest can be both deeply emotional and frightening. Regardless of whether it is you or someone you are close to who has been arrested, this stress will only be heightened if bail is set and you have no idea how you will come up with the money that is needed for release. Fortunately, your local bail bonds company in Angleton is here to help you better understand just what options are available if you or a loved one are ever in this situation:

  • Cash bond: A cash bond payment is usually handled between the family of the accused and the court system directly, and is paid either with cash, a cashier’s check or a credit card. In order to make this type of payment, large sums of money that many people don’t keep on hand in their home will likely be necessary, and most families chose to work with professional bail bondsmen to arrange alternative methods of payment.
  • Surety bond: When individuals need assistance paying their bail bonds, one of the most common methods used is a surety bond. Instead of dealing directly with the corrections department, 10 percent of the assigned bail is paid to a bail bonds company, who will then cover the rest of the bail with the court so that you are able to go home. This surety bond agreement is based on the guarantee that you or your family member will be in attendance for all assigned court dates. It is also stipulated that upon completion of the case, the bail is returned to the agency and not the defendant.
  • Property bond: Property bonds are a little less common because they are not used in all states. With a property bond, the full rights to your property are used as collateral to post your release. Because the value of the property you are offering up has to be assessed, these types of bonds can take much longer to process. While you might be out in a day or two with a cash or surety bond, property bond processing has been known to take at least a couple of weeks minimum to complete.
  • Federal bail bonds: A federal bail bond is issued when federal charges are to be filed. Because of the nature of these cases, they are handled directly with the courts, and both cash and property can be used to pay this type of bond.

If you find yourself in a disheartening situation and need assistance so that you can be released as quickly as possible, contact the team at Brazoria County Bail Bonds. We can help you and your family better understand what options for bail bonds in Angleton will be available to you, and we will work with you until a solution is reached. To learn more about bail bonds and receive the help you need so that you or a loved one can be reunited with your family, make sure you give us a call today.

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