Reasons a Court May Revoke Your Bail

Navigating bail after an arrest can be complicated. If you’re able to secure bail on your own and get released from jail, you normally will be given the full amount back after showing up to court. If you get bail bonds in Angleton, you will need to compile collateral after paying the bondsman a sum, which they will keep after your court hearings are over.

Typically, once you’ve posted bail, you’ll be free to go home until your court date. It is often believed that as long as you show up when you’re required, you’ll be allowed to stay at home and resume your everyday life. However, this is not always the case.

There are certain situations in which the court can revoke your bail, forcing you to return to jail even after paying the requested amount:

  • Jumping bail: The terms on which you are released on bail require you to show up to court on a specified day. If you “jump bail,” or fail to appear, you will lose your bail and be arrested, as well as criminally charged with a failure to appear.
  • Violating specific bail conditions: When posting bail, you will be issued specific terms that specify your release from jail. If you violate any of these terms while released, the judge may decide to revoke your bail. Always make sure you understand the specific terms upon which you are released and work to avoid them.
  • Committing another crime: If you’ve been released on bail and commit a crime while your case is still active, you will more than likely be arrested and put back in jail. You don’t even necessarily need to commit a crime for this to happen, though. If you begin to start trouble in your community and appear to be a threat to people around you, the court may decide to revoke your bail.
  • Disrupting the judicial process: If you are found to be engaging in illegal activities that interrupt your court case, such as tampering with witnesses or bribing the jury, you may be found to be disrupting the court case. You need to ensure you’re always acting ethically when handling aspects of your case to remain out of jail.
  • Committing fraud during the bail hearing: Some people attempt to misrepresent themselves during their bail hearings in order to receive a lower bail amount or obscure the facts of their case. It is critical that you tell the full truth and provide all necessary information to the judge. Otherwise, you risk being sent back to jail when the truth is uncovered.

If your bail is revoked, you not only lose your freedom to live and work outside of jail, but you will also likely lose the money you posted for bail. Since bail amounts are often quite high, having this happen can be extremely problematic.

If you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony crime, contact Brazoria County Bail Bonds for assistance in posting your bail. We have over 25 years of experience issuing bail bonds in Angleton and will work with you to ensure you’re able to return home after an arrest as you await your upcoming court date.

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