Why Bail Bond Agents Are an Integral Part of the American Criminal Justice System

Bail is one of the privileges granted to people who have been accused of a crime. It allows an accused defendant to have some level of freedom while they await the completion of their trial. It is an important part of the criminal justice philosophy that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. While bail is not necessarily a right that everyone is granted (especially if a judge determines them to be a flight risk or a danger to the public), it is still an integral part of the American criminal justice system that should never be taken for granted.

Here’s some more information about bail bonds in Angleton and what makes bail bond agents so important.

The role of bail agents

If a defendant does not appear at any of his or her court dates, the bail bond agent will be financially responsible for any punishments that get handed down. This means he or she will potentially be on the hook for thousands of dollars. The way the system is set up encourages bail bond agents to stay on top of the defendants about making sure they get to their court appearances reliably and on time. It also removes the financial burden from taxpayers, placing it on an individual person instead.

This is a big deal—taxpayers are not required to pay for the medical bills, food, shelter, maintenance and other costs related to the defendant if the defendant is released on bail, like they would if the defendant was to remain in jail. Of course, a person is under no obligation to post bail on behalf of the defendant—the risk of being on the hook for that money is something a potential bail agent must weigh when making the decision.

So where exactly does the money bail agents use come from?

Whenever a bail bondsman posts bail, there is a requirement for there to be either a cosigner or some sort of collateral. This usually is another person who is related or otherwise close to the defendant, who agrees to take on the financial liability and the general responsibility of making sure the defendant appears at all assigned court dates. The court may use equipment such as ankle monitors and GPS trackers to make sure the defendant is conducting himself or herself accordingly, and may require the defendant to check in with the bail bond agent on a daily basis. But it is this cosigner who provides the funds or collateral necessary to secure the defendant’s release on bail.

When a judge sets bond, the figures given are typically the result of a combination of considerations such as the nature of the defendant’s charges, the insurance of the defendant returning to court, existing family support, prior appearances in court and jail and ties to the community.

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