The Nitty Gritty Details of Posting Your Bail

Do you need assistance with bail bonds in Angleton? If you’re ever in a situation where you need a bail bondsman, it’s important to understand how this process works. Use the following guide to give you the inside scoop on bail bonds in Angleton in case you ever need it.

The Questions: Who, What, When, Where and Why

Before you contact a bail bondsman, you should have the necessary information that he or she will require:

  • The location of the person in custody. You’ll need the city, county, state and the name of the facility.
  • The full name of the person in custody as well as his or her booking number. Without the booking number, the bond agent will not have the required information to contact the jail. If you’re unable to provide the number, the agent can usually get this for you.
  • The bail amount. Once the bail bondsman has this amount, he or she can let you know what it will cost to post a bond and any other requirements that might be stipulated.

The Collateral

Often, bail bondsmen will accept collateral for the bail amount. Defendants may offer a variety of valuables to cover the collateral required by the bail bondsman. Keep in mind, the bail bondsman is running the risk of having to pay the entire bill if the defendant does not make it to their court appearance. This collateral helps ensure the defendant will show up in court. Collateral options often include stocks, bonds, credit cards, vehicles, real estate, jewelry and bank accounts.

The Conditions

When the court decides a defendant can be released on bail, there are typically four options. To be released from custody until your court date, you can use a bondsman, you can post the full amount in cash, you can use property to pay the bond to the court or the court may decide to let you go on your own recognizance.

The Cost

The cost of bail bonds in Angleton can vary. The amount of the bail is established by the court and is based on the nature of the crime and the history and risk of the individual. The cost of bail bondsmen also varies. The amount is dependent on the regulations of the region. Bonding agents must adhere to regulations for the industry. In some areas, the percentage that agents can charge is strictly set. In others, companies have some leeway to give discounts. A good rule of thumb is to ask for a rate chart when you contact a bail bondsman to determine up front what you should be charged.

The Consultation

If you need professional support with your bail bonds in Angleton, contact the experienced staff at Brazoria County Bail Bonds. We specialize in misdemeanors, felonies, probation violations, theft, drug offenses, DWIs and more. With more than 25 years of experience, we can provide the information you need to successfully navigate this process. We make it easy and affordable to meet bail requirements, so your loved ones can return to their lives while they await their court date.

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