What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Bail Bondsman in Angleton?

If you’re arrested and are unable to pay for your own bail, you can seek out the services of a bail bondsman, who will pay for your release. Of course, you are expected to make good on paying back that loan, with some interest. Therefore, the question then becomes what happens if you fail to pay your bail bondsman in Angleton for securing your release.

First, it’s important to understand exactly who a bail bondsman is and the kind of role they have in the criminal justice system. A bondsman is an individual (or an agent of an agency) that acts as the defendant’s surety, the person who posts bail on the defendant’s behalf. The bondsman will pledge money or property as bail to secure the defendant’s release. A contract with a bondsman works in very much the same way as taking out a loan, though the process is significantly accelerated and the repercussions for a breach of contract are much more severe.

Banks and other types of financial institutions and insurance companies are the entities that are best suited to deal with bondsman contracts, though they will typically refuse to do so because there is a much larger inherent risk associated with them than with standard loans, simply by nature of who the person in need of the loan is and their motivations for taking one out. These types of loans also don’t get much of a return. This is why bond agents exist—they fill in a gap in the loan market that banks and typical financial institutions refuse to cover themselves.

Working with a bondsman

After working with a bail bondsman in Angleton, the defendant must perform two critical tasks: appear on all scheduled court dates, and pay off whatever balance remains after the bondsman pays the bill. The defendant will typically be required to pay between 10 and 20 percent of the total amount of the set bail before the bondsman will pay the rest. A failure to pay the remaining amount is classified as a breached contract, which will take the form of a civil violation (to add to the criminal offenses the defendant already faces).

Fortunately, there is some flexibility with your payment options if you do use a bondsman’s services. The structures for repayment plans can vary depending on your circumstances. You should always be sure you thoroughly read the bail bondsman’s contract before signing it, so you are familiar with all the clauses and stipulations it contains.

You can also enlist the help of family members or friends to be part of the contract. They can act as your cosigners to pay for your bail, but keep in mind that if you take off on the bondsman, they’ll be liable for paying the debt you owe.

For more information about the penalties you face if you fail to pay your bail bondsman in Angleton and other issues that are associated with bail bonds, contact the experts at Brazoria County Bail Bonds today.

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