Bail Bond Benefits: How Bail Bonds Work in Texas

Are you familiar with how bail bonds work in Texas? If you aren’t, you might not realize the benefits of this system. If you ever get in a tight spot with the law, bail bonds could be your saving grace.

Use the following overview to educate yourself on how bail bonds work in Texas so you can take full advantage of their benefits. And don’t forget to contact your local bail bondsman for assistance when you need it.

Posting Bail

If you are arrested, the court will probably set a bail for your release. This is an amount of money that you can pay to be released from jail as you await your future court date or trial. At that time, your final sentence will be determined. Meanwhile, you can return to your life.

However, while you may want to take advantage of paying bail to be released, you may not have the funds. This is where bail bond agents come in. An agent can post bail for you in exchange for a 10 percent fee. In return, you also promise to return for your required future appearance in court. If you don’t, the bondsman will be held responsible for your fees.

Bail Bond Agent Benefits

In addition to your release on bail, working with a bail bond agent offers several other benefits.

For starters, the agent knows how bail bonds work in Texas. If you’ve never been through this system before (and even if you have), it can feel overwhelming. The agent knows the proper procedures, who to contact and how to navigate everything as smoothly and successfully as possible. Having an agent in your corner can help get you through a stressful time.

Second, the bond agent has contacts. They can often speed up the process for you so you spend less time in jail and settle the entire matter more quickly. Their ability to streamline the process could help you avoid job loss or other inconveniences that could drastically disrupt your life.

Third, the bond agent is familiar with the necessary paperwork. To those who aren’t, the various forms required during legal proceedings can be daunting. A misfiled report or a form filled out incorrectly could delay the process or worse. The agent can easily handle all of this for you to avoid errors.

Lastly, working with a bail bond agent avoids financial scrutiny from the court. If you are able to front the full amount for your bail, the court may require you to show the source of these funds. You may have to produce bank statements, pay stubs and other paperwork to prove the money is from legitimate sources. This adds headache to heartache. A bail bond agent’s funds, on the other hand, are not questioned by the court.

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