The History of Bail Bonds: Understanding the Fine Print

When a person is awaiting their trial, they are often given the option to post bail and be released rather than having to wait in jail. Unfortunately for many, bond amounts are so high that they can’t pay the amount that’s needed for release. Bail bonds in Angleton enable people who are detained to secure their release as they await their trial date. Lots of people rely on bail bonds now, but the history of bail bonds actually extends back hundreds of years. Read on to find out more about the history of bail bonds and to learn a few things about bail bondsmen that you might not know.

Long before the United States’ judicial system was even conceived, other countries throughout the world had bail bond systems in place for defendants. The earliest record of this kind of system dates back to 2750 BC, in a region that’s part of present-day Iraq. In the United States, the first established bail bondsmen can be traced back to the late 19th century. In 1898, Peter P. McDonough started the first recorded modern bail bonds service in San Francisco.

Bond was established in the United States judicial system to encourage defendants to show up for their trials. Statistics demonstrate that defendants who are released on bond are more likely to show up to court on the date of their trial than those defendants who are released without bail. Because bail amounts are intended to ensure that defendants appear at trial, they are typically high amounts of money, ranging from a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars for certain crimes in some jurisdictions. Due to those high dollar amounts, defendants in the United States throughout history have struggled to make bail.

Depending on the length of time that they have to wait for their trial, this can have many long-lasting impacts on the life of a defendant. Defendants who are held pre-trial often lose their jobs, are unable to see their families and can’t continue with any schooling or training programs in which they’re enrolled. Bail bond businesses were established so that defendants could secure their release without paying the full bail amount out of pocket.

Thirty-six states in the U.S. have bail bond businesses in place to provide defendants with an option to secure their release if they can’t afford the amount on their own. Bail bonds continue to be an important resource for defendants who need the opportunity to go back to work, school or their families while they await their trial date.

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