The Bail Bond Dos and Don’ts That We Recommend You Follow

When you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you may be given the opportunity to be released on bail. Bail is the state’s way of ensuring that a defendant appears for trial after being charged with a crime. Usually this involves putting up collateral with a bail bonds agent in Angleton in the form of cash.

Being released on bail doesn’t mean total freedom, however. When you’re released on bail, you still have to follow any protocols or special provisions that the court deems necessary. Otherwise, your bail could be revoked and you could be taken right back to jail to await trial—which can take months or even years to begin. With this in mind, it’s in your best interest to follow these bail bond dos and don’ts:

  • Do take it seriously: If you’ve done something serious enough to warrant arrest and trial, or were at least accused of it, you were in a risky situation. It’s important that you reflect on how you were put in that position (whether by yourself, by others or by sheer coincidence) and decide how you will avoid a repetition.
  • Don’t skip court dates: The entire reason you’re allowed to stay out of jail until trial is because you have made a solemn promise to appear whenever the court requires your presence. It is crucial that you show up to court dates, or your bail could be revoked. You cannot forget to show up, or decide you’re not in the mood—unless you want to go back to jail. If you’re caught in an accident or other true emergency, call the court and your bail bonds agent in Angleton immediately to let them know of the situation.
  • Do keep in touch with your bail bonds agent: If any of your information changes, such as your address or contact information, you need to let your bail bonds agent know right away. If for some reason you miss a court date, you should let them know immediately.
  • Don’t get into more trouble: It should go without saying, but your activities on bail should be as squeaky-clean as possible. Avoid drugs, alcohol and risky situations that could get you into further legal trouble.
  • Do consider what you want from the future: Whether you reach a plea agreement, are found guilty or are cleared of the charges, your behavior on bail sets the tone for your future in the legal system. Make this your last brush with the law and make a resolution to be careful.

Contact a bail bonds agent in Angleton

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