Forfeited Bail Bonds: What You Should Know

Seeing a jail cell door shut and locked is one of the most unnerving and frightening experiences in which a person can find themselves. Fortunately, there’s the bail bond system. This humane fixture of the criminal justice process allows people to pledge money or property in exchange for their temporary freedom. The charges still stand, and the legal complications haven’t gone away. The difference is that, with bail, you get to plan your next steps from home.

Bail is a wonderful component of the justice system until you discover that you’ve forfeited your bond. For those who may not be aware, here are some of the most common reasons for bail bond forfeiture in Angleton.

What does “bail bond forfeiture” mean?

The best-case scenario with a bail bond is that, when it’s paid out, the defendant to whom it applies will show up to court as scheduled and follow through with their case as ordered. In that event, the amount paid for bail is refunded to the payee on completion of the case.

When a forfeiture occurs, however, it means that the courts have confiscated that fee for one of several reasons.

Failure to appear

Far and away the most common reason for bail bond forfeiture in Angleton is a simple failure to appear. Whenever a defendant is released on bail, they are given a scheduled date on which they’re expected to return to court. If they don’t show up on that day, then they forfeit their bail.

Other common conditions

In some cases, the judge who agrees to bail may set some conditions that the defendant needs to fulfill while they’re out on bail and awaiting trial:

  • Distance orders: A judge may order a defendant to stay a prescribed distance away from a specific person or set of people.
  • Pretrial check-ins: The accused may be required to meet with a court official in the run-up to their trial to keep them apprised of their situation.
  • Substance restrictions: In addition to ordering that the defendant stay away from illegal drugs, a judge may also order that otherwise legal substances like alcohol should also be avoided.
  • Employment: Specific circumstances may require that a defendant keep a job during the time between the issuing of their bail and their trial.

Failure to meet any of these conditions could result in the forfeiture of your bail.

Come to the pros who look out for you

Whatever the reasons for bail bond forfeiture in Angleton, Brazoria County Bail Bonds is here to help you. We understand how catastrophic an arrest can be. That’s why we work overtime to help you try to get your life back on track.

We have nearly 30 years of experience working with offenders in every category: misdemeanors, theft, drug offenses, DUIs, probation violations, felonies, assaults and so much more. It doesn’t matter what crime you’ve been charged with—we’re the team you can count on.

Getting arrested shouldn’t ruin your life, and making bail shouldn’t bankrupt you. That’s why we make it easy to get out and get on with your life. Call Brazoria County Bail Bonds today!

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