Can You Go to Jail for an Unpaid Traffic Ticket?

There’s never a good time to get a traffic ticket, but this is especially true when you can’t afford to pay it. What happens if you don’t pay your traffic tickets in Brazoria County, TX? Can you really go to jail if you fail to pay the fines?

Depending on what kind of traffic tickets you have, and whether you have a court date, you might end up in jail for unpaid traffic tickets in Brazoria County. Read on to learn more about how the system works and what you can do if you find there’s a warrant for your arrest.

What happens if I don’t pay for a traffic ticket?

There are two types of tickets you might get in your car: parking violations and traffic tickets. Traffic tickets are Class C misdemeanors in Brazoria County, TX. If you fail to pay for your traffic violation, a judge may issue a warrant for your arrest or you might have issues with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Under the DPS’s Failure to Appear/Failure to Pay program, people who fail to appear in court or pay the designated fine for a traffic violation may find that their driver’s license renewal has been denied. To rectify that situation, you’ll need to call the courthouse directly. Confirm the cost of the fees or fines, find out whether you need to appear in court and request a trial to either pay the fines or contest the charges. Once you’ve satisfied the DPS requirements, your license will be cleared.

When you fail to pay for your traffic tickets or appear at your court date, a judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. The police may or may not actively look for you (depending on the severity of the violation), but if you get pulled over or come to court with an outstanding warrant, you’ll be arrested and taken to jail. You may find that the court requires you to pay money for your arrest warrant before you’re allowed to appear before a judge—consulting with a defense attorney or calling the Texas chapter of the ACLU may help if you cannot afford to pay.

What can I do to avoid jail?

When it comes to traffic tickets and warrants in Angleton, TX, you have two options. First, you can contact the court and pay the full fine amount, which should clear your warrant and barriers to license renewal.

If you can’t afford to pay or do community service, contact the court and ask to establish a payment system. They may waive all or part of the fine, establish a repayment system or assign community service. If you claim you can’t afford to pay, be ready to provide financial information proving you are indigent.

Finally, if you are arrested for unpaid traffic tickets and need assistance, reach out to the team at Brazoria County Bail Bonds. We can help you put up bail so you can await your court date from the comfort of home.

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