Answers to Common Bail Bond FAQs

How does the bail bonds process work, and what do you need to know about using a bail bondsman? If this is the first time you’ve ever had to bail someone out of jail, you might be feeling confused and overwhelmed. Here’s a brief overview of the process and the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients.

What do I need to know before I contact a bail bonds agent?

Before you contact a bail bonds agent, make sure you have the defendant’s full name, booking number, where they’re being held and how much their bail is. If you can’t get the bail amount, your bail bonds agent should be able to get it for you. They should also be able to get the booking number if you don’t have it or it wasn’t available when you were notified of the arrest.

How do I get a bail bond?

You don’t have to contact a bail bonds agent, but in many cases, that will be your most prudent course of action. Bail amounts can vary, but the more serious the crime, the higher the bail amount. Many people don’t have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars available to bail someone out. Instead, you pay a fee to a bail bonds agent (usually 10 percent of the total bail amount) and they will post the rest of the bail amount.

You will also need to provide collateral for the full amount, such as the title to your vehicle, deed to your home, fine jewelry, electronics or other valuable items. If the defendant shows up to all court dates and otherwise stays out of trouble, your collateral will be returned and you’ll only be out the fee.

Will I get my money back?

The money that you pay to a bail bonds agent is your fee for the service. Even if the defendant makes all court dates and stays out of trouble, you will still be out the fee. If the defendant misses a court date and is rearrested, the consequences are more serious.

What happens if the defendant misses court?

If the defendant misses a court date while out on bail, and bail is revoked, not only is your fee forfeited, but so is the collateral you posted. That’s because the bail bonds company is now legally on the hook for the full bail amount. It’s your obligation to pay them back.

What happens if the defendant is rearrested while out on bail?

If a defendant is arrested again while they’re out on bail, the same thing happens. You will forfeit the collateral and the fee you paid, and they will go back to jail to await trial.

Now that you know how the bail bond process works, make sure to call Brazoria County Bail Bonds for assistance. When your loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, we can help make sure they’re able to await trial from the comfort of their own home. Call us with any questions you may have about the process.

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