Know Your Limitations While You’re Out on Bail

If you or a loved one have recently been released on bail, it’s important that you keep certain things in mind when you’re out on bond. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing some very serious consequences, such as forfeiting your property or going back to jail.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re out on bond:

  • Do not miss your court appearances: When you’re granted bail and someone has posted bond, it’s crucial that you make your court appearances. Bail is a way to guarantee that someone will show up for court. If the defendant appears at all of their court-ordered appearances and meetings, the amount will eventually be refunded to the person who posted bail or the bail bonds company they used. However, if you miss an appearance, all of that money is gone.
  • Do keep working or attending school: If you still have a job or attend school, continue to work or attend classes as you await trial. Not only is it a good use of your time that will keep you away from potentially tempting circumstances, but it also shows the court you’re a productive member of society.
  • Do not possess weapons: If you’re required to stay away from weapons, like guns and knives, make sure to do so. Even if you’re not required, your lawyer may caution you to do so. It would be wise to heed their advice—there’s no sense in courting trouble.
  • Do keep up with your (legal) hobbies: You’ll need to fill up your time with good activities anyway—now is a good time to catch up on your reading list, learn to cook or finally take that pottery class you’ve been dying to try.
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs: You may be subject to alcohol and drug testing while you’re out on bail. For this reason, it’s best to avoid alcohol and drugs while you await trial, even if it’s a “special occasion” or you think “just this one time.” It could be “one time” that lands you back in jail.
  • Do not stay out past curfew: If your bail bond conditions have a curfew attached, it’s crucial to make sure you abide by that curfew, down to the minute. You don’t want to give a judge or jury the impression that you’re not taking the restrictions seriously.
  • Do not break the law: Finally, don’t break the law—don’t even get a speeding ticket. Avoid any civil or criminal offenses that could encourage law enforcement to take you back into custody.

Keeping these things in mind while you’re out on bond will help ensure you follow all terms and conditions appropriately. If you have questions or wonder if there are other things to know while you’re out on bond, talk to your attorney or bail bonds agent. They should be able to clarify anything you’re confused about.

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