Stay Out of Jail: Things to Avoid While Out on Bail

So, you’re out on bail while you await the resolution to your case—congratulations! Do you know what to do in order to avoid going back to jail? Understanding which behaviors and things to avoid when you’re out on bail will ensure you get to await trial from your own home.

It’s important that you follow all the rules of your release to the letter. Not only will this keep you out of jail, but it will show the court and your lawyer that you’re sincere about wanting to change your life. That can make a big difference.

Here’s what to avoid when you’re on bail:

  • Missing court dates: While you’re on bail, your main priority must be attending all of your court dates, no matter what. If you have a problem with keeping appointments or showing up on time, have someone help you keep track. When you miss court dates, you’re at risk of the judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest.
  • Criminal activity: It should go without saying that you should avoid any and all criminal activity during your bail period—but you would be surprised at how many people struggle to control impulses or break free. If you’re caught, you’ll not only go back to jail, but it will jeopardize your existing case. Stay on the straight and narrow to avoid trouble.
  • Drug and alcohol use: Even if your bail release conditions don’t specifically mention avoiding drug and alcohol use, it’s still a good idea. When using mind-altering substances, your ability to regulate your behavior is affected. It’s easy to avoid trouble when you’re clean and sober.
  • Unauthorized travel: You might be allowed to travel while out on bail, but you should be very clear about that before you make any plans. The court will often allow people to travel if they’re not deemed a flight risk, but it’s best to verify that permission with an officer of the court first.
  • Failure to notify: You are obligated to keep the court updated on your whereabouts, so if you move, change your phone number or otherwise switch your contact information, you need to inform the court and your attorney. Suddenly dropping out of contact may lead to a warrant for your re-arrest.
  • Meeting with prohibited people: Finally, who you see is just as important as what you do. You may be barred from contacting certain people, like the victim, witnesses, associates and others. Do not contact them for any reason whatsoever. If you have a question or need to inform a prohibited person of something, ask your lawyer how to proceed. Your actions could jeopardize your case, so tread carefully.

These are the most common behaviors to avoid while you’re out on bail, but make sure the court or your lawyer goes into further detail so you understand the situation as clearly as possible. It will make a world of difference for your case.

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