Common Myths About Bail Bonds

If you are held in custody until your trial ends, your freedom might be curtailed for days, weeks, months, or years depending on the circumstances. You may be required to return to your daily life as fast as possible. Securing a bail bond is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to secure freedom. The bail bond enables you to stay out of custody as you wait for your trial. However, there are several misconceptions associated with bail bonds, and knowing the facts about how they work can make it easier and faster to secure the one you need.

What are some of the negative aspects associated with bail? 

What are the common myths with bail bonds? Some common misconceptions about bail are: 

  • Bail bonds persons are not ethical: Most people think of bail bonds persons as unprofessional crooks seeking to make quick money. This notion is very far from the truth since there are strict requirements for any agency and individual in this business. Training requirements, background testing, and a state license are mandatory requirements for operating a bail bonds agency. 
  • Every person can get bail: The court will determine your bail bond eligibility by reviewing your case and criminal record. You may fail to a bail bond if you are a flight risk, facing serious criminal charges that might attract heavy penalties, a danger to society, or have a long criminal record. Nonetheless, if you are not sure whether a family member or a friend qualifies for bail, you can contact a reputable bail bond agent for appropriate advice.
  • You can only pay bail with cash: You do not require cash to obtain bail. Most bail bond services allow a suspect to use collateral to obtain a bail bond. Agencies have varying rules and guidelines, and the bail amount set determines the kind of collateral the defendant can use. You might be able to offer a car, motorcycle, bank account, jewelry, or land as collateral. However, you need to consult your bail bond agency to know what you can use as collateral in your case.  
  • Bail bonds only delay jail term: Many people think there isn’t any need for a bail bond as you will still be jailed if found guilty later. However, you cannot be sure that you will be found guilty. With an experienced defense attorney, you might escape a jail term completely. Moreover, even if you are found guilty, obtaining a bail bond allows you to address critical issues before you start your sentence. 
  • Jumping bail is not serious: If a defendant fails to appear in court, the court might issue a warrant for immediate apprehension and incarceration in addition to payment of the bail amount and the bail bond agency fees,  

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