Can a Bondsman Arrest Me for Non-Payment of Bail?

When it comes to a bail bondsman and getting a bail bondsman to put up your bail so that you can get out of jail, it is essential to know what they can and cannot do. Taking the time to really know what they can do before you enter into a bail bond contract can help you determine if it is right for you or not.

What Can a Bail Bondsman Do?

When you enter into a bail bond, you will first establish the bond amount. This will help the bond company determine how much of a fee should be applied to your bond and how much they will charge you to meet your bond. When you enter into a contract, you will be agreeing to the terms that the bond company sets out, and you will also be agreeing to the fees that have been charged.

Though a bondsman does not have the ability to arrest you, there is still a chance that you can get arrested as a result of your bond contract. A great way to understand this is to look at an example. Say that you have a bail bond for an accused DUI or wanton endangerment. You might have your bail set for $25,000 to ensure that you are not going to flee, that you are going to come back for your trial, and that you are not going to flee and be impossible to catch again.

You might work out a contract with your bail bond agent to pay 10% of your total bond as your fee, which would be $2,500. Say now that you get let out before your bond is paid and that you refuse to pay the fee. They cannot arrest you, but if you refuse to pay your fees, your bondsman can then refuse to pay your bail, and you will then be considered a fugitive from the law. You can then be rearrested and then be charged with more.

How Often Do People Get Rearrested After Bail?

Not all people get rearrested if they do not pay their bail bond fees, but it is certainly something that can happen. If you are looking for "bail bonds near me" or Brazoria Country bail bonds, you do need to make sure you are able to pay the fees and that you are able to meet the requirements that are being set forth.

When you enter into a bail bond contract, you must take the time to make sure that the contract you are entering into is right for you and that you can pay the fees.  

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