When Are Your Allowed To Bail Out of Jail?

Jail is not something anyone wants to deal with, but sadly, sometimes, that is something we cannot avoid. If you find yourself in jail, or you find someone that you know in jail, it is important to know what your options are. When it comes to being in jail, you can bond out, but knowing what times those are is important.

What Is Bail?

Bail is a sum of money or property used as security to ensure that the person being charged will return and appear at trial when the time comes. It is often referred to as a surety and is meant to help ensure that those charged will come back to stand trial for the charges they are being charged for. You can put up yourself if you have the money, have a family member put up for you, or have a bondsman, or a bond company put up for you.

Bail bonds can be cash bonds, property bonds, or even things like titles to vehicles, deeds to homes, and more. If you are being charged with a crime and bail out, the sum of money or the property will be held until the trial is over and will be returned.

When Can You Bond Out of Jail?

You can find a "bondsman near me" or Brazoria County bail bonds with a quick search, and you can get a bail bond for a range of infractions. You will be able to bond out of jail for misdemeanor crimes that are not violent, crimes that are your first infraction if they are not violent, and when the individual does not pose a flight risk. If you have ties to the community, like family or a job, and you are not likely to flee before your trial, you will be able to bond out.

If you are being charged with a very violent crime like murder or assault, you may not be able to bond out as it is likely that the judge will find you not only a flight risk but also a threat to the community as a whole. It is important that when you are charged that you take the time to get a clear list of what you are charged with, that you ask the judge if you can bond out, and that you take the time to find out if you can bond out.

You can speak with the judge when your case comes up, and your trial date is set. In the majority of cases, if there is a chance for bond, the judge is going to set bail or set the bond when the trial date is established to give the family, the person being charged, and anyone else involved a chance to either fight the bail or to put up bail to get the charged individual out of jail.  

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