Reasons You Might be Denied Bail in Angleton

When it comes to dealing with the criminal justice system, those who haven’t experienced it firsthand before may be in the dark about many of its finer points. For example, did you know that a judge can deny you bail in Angleton if you’ve been arrested for a crime?

It’s true: bail isn’t a given and is often at the discretion of the judge presiding over your case—if they feel that your situation doesn’t fall within a certain criteria, you might find yourself locked up until your trial date. Take a look at some reasons a person might be denied bail:

  • Flight risks: If you’re considered a “flight risk,” a judge can waive your ability to walk free before a court date. Flight risks are generally people who are believed to have the intent to flee before their trial, leaving the state or going into hiding so that they cannot be appropriately tried for their accused crime.
  • High profile cases: if you’re involved in a high profile case that has gathered a lot of media attention, you may be denied bail. Letting a high profile suspect out on bail can create a media circus that many judges will want to avoid, as it can taint prospective jurors or even add sensationalism to a case that must be taken very seriously.
  • High risk cases: Along the same lines of high profile cases, those people whose safety might be at risk can also be denied bail in Angleton, for their own wellbeing. If a judge believes that someone may have intent to harm an accused person, they can be kept secure until their trial.

It’s not often that you will encounter a first-time situation when bail is denied, but it’s important to know that a reason is always given for the denial of bail and many times, it’s for the person’s own good.

A better shot at bail

Conversely, there are a few ways to better your chances of being awarded a bail amount that’s manageable and proving yourself to the court can actually increase your chances of receiving bail:

  • Community ties: If you’re active in your community or are a presence in the local area, you have less of a motive to flee, thus warranting a lower bail amount in many cases.
  • First offense: If this is your first time up for bail in Angleton, your amount is likely to be lower, depending on your crime.
  • Willingness to cooperate: If you show the court that you’re willing to cooperate, such as turning yourself in or being civil during proceedings, a judge will likely take note of your demeanor and set bail appropriately to reflect your cooperation.

When it comes to bail in Angleton, there are no guarantees—only best and worse case scenarios. Make sure that you’re doing your best to stay on the right side of the law and if you do run into trouble one day, you might be faced with a more manageable bail amount, as opposed to no chance for bail at all.

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