Criminal Bonds in Angleton Keep Offenders Close

One of the biggest risks when issuing criminal bonds in Angleton is ensuring that the person out on bail stays where they’re supposed to and not allowing them to flee the state or go into hiding. And while a large overhanging sum of money is generally enough to keep offenders around until their trial date, is it enough to keep them out of trouble until their day in court comes?

There are a number of theories surrounding this question, but the answer is almost invariably “yes.” In fact, surety bail bonds and the like are actually 99 percent effective at keeping accused persons where they’re supposed to be. Why is this? Take a look at a couple of the different reasons that criminal bonds in Angleton are great at keeping people in line:

  • Fleeing the state means forfeiting a large sum of money—generally money that’s not your own, but rather a friend or family member’s. It could also mean the repossession of personal property that is valuable to a loved one.
  • Skipping bond increases suspicion of guilt, making it harder to prove your innocence after you’ve run out of town while on bond. Likewise, it gives people a chance to prove their innocence by behaving while they’re out.

Other options

You might be asking yourself, “what other options are there for someone who is out on bail, yet might be tempted to flee?” The most popular answer to this question, is GPS ankle bracelets—like those used for house arrest situations.

The problem with ankle bracelets, however, is that they’re not effective as a deterrent on their own. Without the overhanging threat of actually forfeiting money or making a close family member or friend cover the losses of jumping town, accused persons waiting for trial can simply cut off their bracelets and hit the road!

Aside from GPS tracking devices to keep accused persons in check, house-calls and check-ins can also be used to keep tabs. But, again, the problem with this is that it puts too much emphasis on someone else doing the work. A government employee has to take time out of their day to actually go and check up on someone and, if it’s a scheduled check, a person can flee with enough time between check-ins to virtually disappear.

Bail is a system that works

The concept of issuing criminal bonds in Angleton has been in place and effective for centuries—all the way back through the 1800s until now! Because there is a “cause and effect” situation when it comes to skipping out on a bond, it makes the system of issuing them one with minor risk by comparison to other methods.

There’s something to be said for the effectiveness of issuing criminal bonds in Angleton and the positive effect that it can have on keeping someone in check until their court date. Without it, we might have far more problems with keeping people under a watchful eye!

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