What to Expect During a Field Sobriety Test

Drinking and driving is a serious offense that can have very real and devastating implications—whether you’re involved in an auto accident or you’re stopped by the authorities on suspicion of drunk driving. If the latter happens to you, you’re likely going to face a field sobriety test and, if it proves to be indicative of drunk driving, you might find yourself in a cell, with a need for bail in Angleton.

Knowing the steps of a field sobriety test ahead of time isn’t a way to fool the officer who is pulling you over—it’s a way to help you determine your own ability to get behind the wheel. If you aren’t in any shape to stand up to these tests, there’s no way you should be operating a vehicle:

  • Walking a line: Walking a straight line, putting heel to toe as you walk, is the first step in a field sobriety test and one that will tip an officer off right away to any intoxication. To top it all off, after you’ve walked a number of steps, you’ll be asked to abruptly turn around and walk back in the same fashion. If you’ve had too much to drink, the turn will likely throw you off balance. An officer will be watching to see if the line you’re walking is straight, if you need to stop before taking another step or if you appear wobbly while you’re in motion.
  • Stand on one leg: Standing on one leg is another test of balance that someone who is intoxicated isn’t likely going to fare well with. On top of this, you’ll likely be asked to touch your finger to your nose while counting, to check for motor function and any trouble doing several tasks at the same time. If you wobble while you’re standing or mess up counting, you’re likely to be looking for bail in Angleton by the time you’re done.
  • Follow the pen: One clear sign that someone has had too much to drink is the inability to focus on something close to the face. In the case of a field sobriety test, you’ll be focusing on something like a pen as the officer moves it back and forth. If your eyes are trembling or you can’t focus on the pen, you’re going to be sitting in the back of a squad car very soon.
  • Tilt test: Balance is such a giveaway for a person who has been drinking, that there are several tests that can be a giveaway to overconsumption. Another such test is the tilt test, wherein an officer will ask you to close your eyes, tilt your head back and spread your arms, staying that way for 30 seconds or so. If you wobble, lean, open your eyes or fail to stay balanced, it’s not a good sign.

People often wonder if there’s a way to cheat a field sobriety test and as a matter of fact, there is: don’t drink and drive! If you’re stone sober for each of the challenges listed above, you’ll have no trouble completing them. If you’re at, near or over .08 percent however, you’re going to fail.

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