4 Common Offenses Requiring Bail Bonds in Angleton, TX

Bail is money or property that a defendant posts with a court after an arrest is made and the booking procedure is complete. The payment grants the defendant freedom until a trial date and it discourages the defendant from leaving town in order to avoid the trial. If the defendant does not show up to the trial, the money or property is forfeited to the court and the defendant is subject to arrest.

Some arrests require that the defendant post some sort of bail, while others do not. The main factor depends on what the person was arrested for. Here are common offenses that require bail bonds in Angleton, TX:

  • Violent crimes: Any arrest made for something involving violence is almost certain to result in a release contingent upon bail payment. Included here are not just homicide charges, but also assault and battery as well as domestic violence disputes. Whatever the charge is related to violence, the court will likely assume you may be a threat to public safety once released and have motive to not show up to your trial date. What this can result in is higher bail amounts required to get out of jail. Bondsmen can assist with your bail bonds in Angleton, TX if you have been arrested for a violent crime.
  • Property crimes: There are many types of property crimes that will require bail. Some are very common, such as grand theft auto or property theft, but included here as well is fraud, larceny or even trespassing on private property. While the bail is likely to be less than a violent crime, courts are still concerned over whether someone arrested for property theft will show up to trial.
  • Alcohol-related crimes: Some crimes involving alcohol result in a bail amount. There are numerous alcohol related crimes, the most common are driving with more than the legal amount of alcohol in your system and public intoxication. Minors in possession of alcohol can also face bail. With most alcohol-related crimes, the first arrest made will not result in bail being required. For example, in many states, a first DUI will not require bail to get out of jail. However, in almost all cases, a second or third offense will surely result in a bail requirement.
  • Drug-related crimes: There is considerable diversity in drug crimes. Remember that drug laws are largely dependent on the classification and quantity of the drug involved. A small amount of one type of drug can be a lot different in severity than a large quantity of a different drug. Also of importance is whether or not it is a first arrest for a drug-related crime. The general rule is that possession of larger quantities of drugs or of drugs deemed more dangerous to society is more likely to have bails attached to the arrest.

Depending on the exact circumstances of your arrest, you may need to put up money or collateral to get out of jail. Call Brazoria County Bail Bonds for assistance with your bail bonds in Angleton, TX.

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