What to Do When Your Loved One Skips Bail: Advice From a Bail Bondsman in Angleton

No matter where you live, what charges have been brought against you and how much your bail costs, there is one rule of bail that is nearly universal: when out on bail, you cannot skip town, and you cannot miss any court dates. Although having your loved one skip out on the bail you paid is a very stressful situation, the potential damage can still be mitigated based on how you respond to it. From your bail bondsman in Angleton, here are some crucial dos and don’ts for when your loved one skips bail:

  • Don’t help them hide: If your loved one is facing a likely guilty conviction, it can be tempting to try and help them escape or hide, even to your own financial detriment. But it is important to keep in mind that any attempts to help them skip bail will only increase their legal woes in the long run—and they will likely put you in legal jeopardy as well.
  • Don’t evade your bondsman: Rather than looking at your bail bondsman in Angleton as a scary person you are trying to hide from, it is more useful to look at them as your partner in solving this legal and financial mess. Bail bondsmen have a vested interest in ensuring your loved one does not continue to skip bail, and the more available you make yourself, the more they will be inclined to help you.
  • Do be helpful in finding them: To that end, if you have any leads as to where your loved one might be hiding—be it concrete information or a strong hunch based on your familiarity with the person—be sure to let your bail bondsman know. Many bondsmen are skilled investigators, and any information you give them could lead to solving the issue more quickly.
  • Do consider a bounty hunter: If you and your bondsman are not able to find the person who has skipped bail, it might be time to bring a third party into the equation. You can ask your bondsman for a recommendation for a trustworthy, reputable bounty hunter. It will require some financial outlay, but likely not as much as you could end up owing if your loved one skips an important court date.
  • Do have the payment ready: If it looks like your loved one is probably going to miss their next court date, it might be time to make sure you will be able to pay their full bail yourself, as opposed to the collateral cost you initially put up. Explore all legal options, including taking out a loan, selling your valuables and asking other loved ones for help. Remember that, at this point, your number one priority is to avoid having legal troubles of your own.
  • Do encourage them to return: Finally, if your loved one has any contact with you while they are skipping bail, it is crucial that you do everything you can to encourage them to return. You might understandably be angry, but remember that you will catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. Appeal to their better nature, and say whatever you need to say to bring them home.

For more advice from an experienced bail bondsman in Angleton, feel free to give Brazoria County Bail Bonds a call anytime.

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