4 Reasons to Think Twice About Buying Someone’s Bail Bonds in Angleton

When your family member, friend or loved one is in legal trouble, it makes sense that you would be willing to go to great lengths to help them in any way you can. Most if the time, this impulse is a positive one, especially when it comes to helping out with bail bonds in Angleton. But there are some situations in which helping someone with bail bonds is simply not a smart decision, and could potentially put you in serious legal or financial trouble. Here are four different factors that should cause you to potentially reconsider whether to pay a loved one’s bail bonds in Angleton:

  • Flight risk: If someone skips town while out on bail, or fails to show up to a court date, that could put their bail repayment in serious jeopardy. When you agree to help someone with bail, first take a moment to ask yourself if you trust this person to stay in town and show up to court, and try to keep sentimentality out of the equation while considering this. If you can trust them, you ought to pay their bail. If there is a doubt in your mind, you can either decline to pay the bail, or agree to pay it on the condition that they stay under your watch during the duration of their legal battles.
  • Addiction: Drug or alcohol addiction can lead to a wide range of legal troubles, and loved ones find themselves walking a thin line between helping their friends and family and enabling them. If your loved one is an addict who has strongly resisted treatment in the past, you can offer to pay their bail only if they agree to go to rehab. If you suspect they cannot meet their end of this bargain, then unfortunately, cutting them off might be the best thing for both parties.
  • Loose connection: When an immediate family member or close personal friend finds himself or herself in unexpected legal trouble, then there is seldom a question of whether you are willing to help them out. But what about if the person in question is a previously estranged family member, or a friend or romantic partner you have only known for a short time? The right thing to do in this murky situation varies by circumstances, but you should at least take pause to consider how important this person is to you, and how much you trust them, before handing over money or assets for bail bonds in Angleton.
  • Financial problems: Finally, if you are already struggling to pay your bills or dealing with debt collectors of your own, the last thing you need is to be under another financial obligation. You can be there to offer emotional support for your loved one and suggest other ways for them to post bail, but do not dig your own hole any deeper.

If you are unsure whether or not you should help a loved one post bail, please feel free to contact Brazoria County Bail Bonds for more advice and information. We are proud to be the most helpful and trusted source for bail bonds in Angleton.

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