Common Restrictions for Those Out on DWI Bail Bonds in Angleton

If you or a loved has recently been arrested for driving while intoxicated, then you might be wondering what you can expect your experience to be like while out on bail. As a service that frequently provides bail bonds in Angleton, Brazoria County Bail Bonds has seen a wide range of severe restrictions applied to those out on bail. Understanding all these restrictions is key, as failure to cooperate could land you back in jail and require you to pay for the full bail bond. With that in mind, here is a look at the different restrictions applied to those who secure DWI bail bonds in Angleton:

  • Driving: When you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, you can expect to have your driving privileges revoked, or at least severely limited, while out on bail. This means you will need to line up another mode of transportation, be that a bus, a bike or a kind family member or friend with a car.
  • Drinking: Another restriction you should expect is that you will not be allowed to consume alcohol while out on bail. Rather than merely operating on the honor system, your parole officer might use an ankle monitor or random alcohol tests to ensure you are staying sober. If you struggle with alcoholism, now is the time to seek serious treatment.
  • Curfew and confinement: If this is not your first offense, you might be let out on bail only under the condition that you stay under house arrest. Less harsh judges will instead impose a curfew, giving you an ankle monitor to assure that you are always home during the evening. Look at this as a way to help you stay out of trouble during your bail period.
  • Travel: Even if you do not have a curfew or confinement, virtually all bails include the terms that you are not allowed to cross a state or county line. Even if you are not given an electronic ankle bracelet, it is crucial that you follow this condition, as failing to do so could get you into much deeper legal trouble.
  • Employment: Having a DWI on your record can affect whether an employer is likely to hire you. But even before you are convicted and sentenced, being out on bail for DWI often comes with employment restrictions, including having a curfew and not being allowed to work anywhere that serves alcohol.
  • Testing: Finally, any bail that has to do with substance abuse (and even some that do not) will likely come with the condition that you must submit to random drug testing. Again, if you or your loved one suffers from any kind of addiction, it is now more important than ever that you or they seek professional help.

If you have recently been arrested for DWI, your life is going to change dramatically, at least for a little while. But when you partner with Brazoria County Bail Bonds for your bail bonds in Angleton, we can help you be comfortable, safe and sober.

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