Advice from Your Bail Bonds Agent in Angleton, TX: How Is Probation Violated?

Whether you have been let out on bail or have gotten a reduced sentence because of good behavior in prison, it is important to keep in mind that just because you are free from jail, you do not have 100 percent, complete freedom. This is because you are likely under probation, a set of rules and standards that you must abide by or risk going back to prison or enduring other punishments.

Your probation officer or bail bonds agent in Angleton, TX will likely outline the exact terms of probation for you, but it is important that you and your loved ones fully understand them. With that in mind, here are some different ways that people tend to violate their probation:

  • Skipping court: If you have been let out on probation, that is a sign that although the court still has work to do with you, they at least trust you to show up to court at a specific time and date. If you fail to do this, it is a good reason to have you put back in jail.
  • Avoiding your officer: Your probation officer exists to give you guidance throughout the probation period. But if you do not report to them when required, the court takes it as a sign that you do not intend to follow the rules of your probation.
  • Not paying: Often, defendants can avoid jail time by agreeing to pay a fine to the court, or pay restitution to the victim. But if you fail to pay the fine or restitution in a timely manner, you will likely be forced to serve time instead.
  • Traveling: Probation terms often include the rule that you cannot cross state lines without first obtaining permission from your probation officer. If you are caught out of state without this permission, you will risk going back to jail.
  • Visiting people or places: If your crime was related to drinking, your probation might include the stipulation that you cannot visit bars or be around people who are drinking. Similarly, if the crime you are accused of was done in conjunction with other individuals, you might not be allowed to visit those people.
  • Drugs: Obviously, use or possession of drugs is against the law, so it only makes sense that drug use would be considered a violation of probation. If you were initially accused of a drug related crime, you can expect the punishment to be even more severe.
  • Another offense: When on probation, everything you do is scrutinized, meaning that even minor offenses like speeding, vandalism or petty theft can get you in big trouble. When on probation, it is smart to behave as if every little decision you make could affect the rest of your life—because it very well could.

To learn more about probation and other important facets of the criminal justice system, please get in touch with Brazoria County Bail Bonds, your experienced and helpful bail bonds agent in Angleton, TX.

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