Need a Bail Bondsman in Angleton, TX? What to Do If You Are Arrested

Getting arrested can be scary and confusing, so it’s important to get some tips about what to do if you find yourself in a situation involving law enforcement officials. If you know these basics, you’ll find it easier to get through the situation:

  • Stay calm and collected: From your initial encounter with a police officer to arriving at the jail, just listen, follow directions and don’t panic. Remaining cool, calm and collected even before you are arrested may help your case when your arraignment and plea bargains or trial come around.
  • Be polite to the officer: The police officer is just doing their job, which you happen to be a part of right now. Be courteous and don’t give the impression that you’re going to make things difficult. If you appear to be threatening to the officer, you could end up with a host of other charges on your arrest record.
  • Ask if you are under arrest: You may be able to tell if your conversation with the officer is heading in a not-so-good direction. Calmly ask if you are under arrest. It’s at this point that you can jump ahead and exercise your right to remain silent.
  • It’s best to remain silent: As soon as you feel you might be arrested—or as soon as you know you’re being arrested—refrain from answering any more questions or volunteering information until you speak with your lawyer, even if you know you are innocent. And whatever you do, don’t be a smart aleck to the arresting officer, their partner or the jailhouse staff.
  • Do not resist arrest: So the police just informed you that they are taking you into custody, and that upsets you. Losing your temper may feel like a reasonable reaction to being handcuffed, but it’s better to continue staying calm. Yelling, being rude and attempting to physically touch the officer are not good ideas; doing so may appear as if you are resisting arrest, whether you are or not.
  • Contact someone: Once you are booked, exercise your right to make a phone call. Contact someone you know will help, like a family member, close friend, a lawyer or an organization that assists folks in your particular situation.
  • Look into making bail: Since it’s unlikely your trial will begin the next day, you could end up remaining in jail for weeks or months waiting for the legal system to get to you. To avoid this, look into contacting a bail bondsman in Angleton, TX to help you make bail. This way you won’t be away from family or your life because you’re stuck in jail until court proceedings begin.
  • Remember everything and write it down later: For purposes of trial or certain allegations, give as much information about your arrest and encounter with the police to your lawyer. This means taking mental notes of faces, badge numbers, names, what questions you answered and how you behaved. Write this all down when you can.

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