Advice From a Bail Bonds Agent in Angleton: Six Alternatives to Drunk Driving After a Night of Celebrating

Whether you want to go out for drinks with your co-workers after work or you’re heading out for birthday cocktails, you must stop and think about how you are going to get home after a night of drinking. With this in mind, here’s some good advice from a bail bonds agent in Angleton—alternatives to getting behind the wheel after a night of celebrating with alcohol:

  • Get a designated driver: It seems like tradition to celebrate everything with cold beers, bubbly or your other favorite alcoholic beverage. But if your drinking plans involve going out to the bar or a friend’s house, then you’d better know who’s driving. Getting a friend to volunteer to be the group’s designated driver becomes easier as you get older. But if no one wants to go sober for the night, then you should reconsider your plans.
  • Phone a friend: Don’t hesitate to call close friends or family to ask for a ride home after a night of drinking. Better yet, give them a heads up earlier in the day that you may need to call them at a late hour to get picked up, if that’s all right with them. If the first person doesn’t answer, try someone else. Just don’t give up and decide to drive yourself home—that is, unless you want a DWI.
  • Call a cab or ride share: You have no excuse for driving under the influence when you can pick up the phone and call a taxi or use your ride share app. These people make a living driving others around, so you will always be able to get a hold of someone who will pick you up from your current location and take you directly home. In the event that you’ve lost your wallet or don’t have any money, direct them to an address where someone can pay the fare.
  • Stay where you are: There are situations when you should simply stay where you are for the night. If you’re partying hard at a friend’s house, crash on their couch. If you’re at a club or bar, wait it out in your parked car with the ignition off. Only when you are sober—whether it’s the next morning or in a few hours—should you consider getting back behind the wheel.
  • Drink at home: Here’s a novel idea: stay at home and drink in the comforts of your personal domain. Inviting your friends over for drinks means you won’t have to drive anywhere later, but be sure your guests have a safe way home.
  • Don’t drink: Hands down, the best way to avoid a DWI is to not drink before driving. Of course you can still enjoy a night out on the town with friends even without alcohol! The important thing here is to know right from wrong: no ride, no drinking.

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