Stealing This Holiday Season Can Lead to Theft Charges

Year after year, we see a big increase in theft during the holiday season. If you’re the thief, then you may find yourself in a situation that requires you to get theft bail bonds in Angleton. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common crimes committed during the holidays that can lead to felony or misdemeanor theft charges.

Stealing packages

In the months leading up to the holidays, delivery services see a surge in the volume of packages. While delivery companies take the opportunity to hire seasonal route drivers, criminals see this as prime time for robbing people of their online orders. Thieves are brazen and will steal the packages right off your front porch or out of mailboxes. Shopping online for presents is convenient, but if you’re expecting a package delivery, make sure you’re home to bring it inside. More and more, homeowners are installing security cameras, which provide great evidence for helping authorities to press charges against criminals.


One of the most common crimes committed during the holidays is shoplifting. The first reason why is because it’s easier for criminals to blend into large crowds in order to steal merchandise. Also, thieves are very aware that it’s difficult for store employees to keep a watchful eye over all patrons when they have customers to ring up. Another thing to note is that the age of the shoplifter and types of items stolen can vary, which is why stores are likely to hire extra security personnel who are trained to spot shoplifters in a crowd.


The holidays are a time to be merry and to get ready to start a new year, but it’s not such a happy season for people going through financial hardships. While it’s not an excuse for robbing others of their possessions, money problems can cause people to turn to crime. Robbers will take advantage of the fact that people are likely to be carrying holiday cash and will rob them on the street, in the parking lot and even in residential neighborhoods. If a thief uses a weapon in the robbery, rest assured there will be additional criminal charges.

Vehicle burglaries

Criminal could find themselves in a situation where they need to call a theft bail bonds service in Angleton—such as being arrested for breaking into a vehicle. There are more opportunities to steal things during the busy gift shopping season, so it’s no surprise that the number of vehicle burglaries goes up right along with shoplifting. Especially around the holidays, combat car burglaries by putting purchases in the trunk right away. A surprising number of holiday shoppers don’t think to do this, but they should. When merchandise and other items are out of sight, thieves are less likely to break into your car.

Spending the holidays behind bars is a drag, but that’s what happens when you get caught stealing. If you need a service that provides theft bail bonds in Angleton, don’t hesitate to contact the team of experts at Brazoria County Bail Bonds.

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