Advice from Bail Bondsmen in Angleton: Will an Arrest Show Up on a Background Check?

As bail bondsmen in Angleton, we at Brazoria County Bail Bonds know that trying to land a job can be difficult enough on its own without worrying about an arrest showing up on your record, whether the arrest was from a week ago or five years ago. Arrest records are a common part of the criminal record process and are created any time a person has been arrested, regardless of a charge or conviction. However, just because the arrest record exists does not mean it will show up in a background check run by your potential employer.

If you’re worried about whether your arrest will show up on a background check, we have information that may put your mind at ease. The short answer is that arrests do not always show up on background checks, and even if they do, not all employers are able to use that information in their hiring decisions. There are different scenarios in which arrest records will show up, which you can read more about below.

What is an arrest record?

An arrest record is simply a record created by a law enforcement agency that details information about an arrest, including the name of the offender, date, description of the person and any charges being filed.

Arrest records are considered public information. However, certain states require arrest records to be destroyed if they result in a dismissal of charges or the suspect is found not guilty.

Will my arrest record show up on a background check?

There is no straight answer to whether or not your arrest record will show up on a background check conducted by an employer. It ultimately depends on two things: the company running the background check and where you live.

The company running the background check often has access to arrest records and may be able to include that information in your background check. It is up to them to tell the potential employer if the arrest is a pending case or whether you were convicted or not. Because of this, some companies may or may not include arrest information in their background checks.

Some states also have specific laws that restrict an employer’s ability to consider arrest records in their hiring decisions. Some groups are also protected under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which advises employers against using arrests to determine hiring eligibility except under special conditions.

Ultimately, the chance that your arrest will show up in a background check is up to whether the background check company provides the information, and up to the employer; some companies request to see the information and others do not. Even if they do see your arrest record, though, they will not necessarily use it to deny you the job.

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