Can a Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter Detain You in a Different State?

If you find yourself in a pickle with the law, you may be wondering if a bail bondsman outside of Texas can still arrest or detain you if you’re outside the state lines. We can’t offer a straight “yes” or “no” answer for this question, because each state is entitled to set its own rules for this specific situation. However, we can offer you some solid guidelines, which we’ve detailed below.

Assume you can be arrested

Although every state can set its own laws regarding arrest, it’s best to assume that if you have a warrant out for you in Texas, you can be arrested in another state, and it may happen for any number of reasons. For example, if you get pulled over for speeding, the officer will see your outstanding warrant. A bondsman or bounty hunter could also follow you if they are looking for you after you skip bail. If they are able to determine your whereabouts out of state, it is more than likely that they will be able to make a legal arrest.

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What about jurisdiction?

If you are arrested outside of Texas, the next step is extradition. This means you will be sent back to Texas, as this will be the only state that has jurisdiction to try you. Some people do fight extradition, but this usually occurs only when serious offenses are involved, such as murder. Only two states, Missouri and South Carolina, have slightly different rules on extradition, and this still does not mean you cannot be extradited.

What are bounty hunters?

Bounty hunters can be found in most any state, and are usually hired by bail bondsmen. They are paid on commission when they make an arrest, and must be officially sanctioned by a bail bondsman beforehand. The level of training and certification required (if any) for bounty hunters varies by state. In Texas, bounty hunters must meet specific qualifications, including having U.S. citizenship, not having a criminal background, obtaining some form of certification (such as private investigator or peace officer) and completing a training program.

Know the rules on travel

In order to avoid further trouble, it’s also crucial to understand the rules on travel after posting bail. In general, when you are released on bail, it is so you will be able to handle your daily responsibilities and prepare for trial. Therefore, you are not permitted to leave Texas unless you have very specific reasons for doing so. Your local court and your bail bonding company must approve your request before you can leave, and it is unusual to get permission, except in the most extreme circumstances.

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