Important Bail Terms You Should Know

For many people who end up in a situation in which they need to post bail, they probably do not have much experience going through the criminal process, and certainly not the bail bond industry. With this in mind, here are some important bail-related terms you should know as you seek bail bonds in Angleton, TX:

  • Bail: The money or collateral you put up with the court to be able to be released from custody.
  • Defendant: The person who is being charged with a crime and held in jail.
  • Bail bond: The official one-page written contract in which you promise to pay the bail amount if you do not return to court as soon as you are required to.
  • Surety: The insurance company that’s been approved to put up the bail bonds to get the defendant released from jail.
  • Bail agent: The person who goes to the jail to physically place the bail bond to get the defendant released. This person is required to have a certain licensure with the state to legally perform this service. The agent also is contracted to work with the surety, and for providing these services the bail agent receives a portion of what the defendant pays to get his or her bond posted.
  • Power of attorney: A term more familiar in the world of estate planning, it’s also relevant in the world of bail. This written document gets attached to the bail bond by the bail agent and communicates to the court and other local law enforcement officials that the bail agent has the right to present the bond to the jail and sign on behalf of the surety to that bond. Essentially, the power of attorney document is proof that the bail agent has legal authority to bind the surety in its promise to pay the bail.
  • Fugitive: A fugitive is a person who is not in custody and is attempting to evade capture by the law. A fugitive recovery person is responsible for finding the fugitive and bringing them back to custody. This person does not necessarily have to be a police officer.
  • Indemnitor: A person who co-signs another person’s note, promising they will make the payment should the borrower fail to honor the terms of the agreement. Another term for an indemnitor is a co-signer. The indemnitor signs the agreement at the time the bail bond is developed and promises to pay bond if the defendant does not.
  • Collateral: Security put forth by the indemnitor that will be used to pay the losses of the bond if the defendant does not appear as instructed. Collateral could be valuable pieces of property such as stocks, bonds, vehicles or real estate.

These are just a few bail-related terms you should know if you are to be informed during the process of seeking bail in Angleton, TX. For more information, we encourage you to get in touch with the experts at Brazoria County Bail Bonds today.

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