What Happens If I Have a Bail Bond and Don’t Show Up for Court?

Skipping bail is a serious offense. If you attempt to hide or run rather than appearing in court, there are some significant consequences, both for you as well as for the person who cosigned for you on any criminal bonds or civil bonds that allowed you to get out of jail to begin with.

With this in mind, here are some of the repercussions that come with skipping out on your court appearances after securing bail bonds in Angleton, TX:

  • All surety bonds will be revoked: When a judge agrees to set bail for a person who’s been arrested, he or she allows them to return to their normal routine and life while awaiting their trial date. However, missing court appearances is a sign of irresponsibility and that they do not take what they are accused of seriously. In this situation, the bond agreement is rendered null and void, and the person can no longer walk free. They will be returned to jail immediately.
  • All bail bond money will be forfeited: Any money the family member or friend paid to the bail agents will be taken by the courts to go toward paying the original bond amount. This applies to all collateral put up as part of the bond—including real estate, financial accounts, vehicles or other expensive items, including electronics, collectibles and jewelry. If the full amount of the bond cannot be covered by collateral or money, anyone who signed the papers to get bond for their loved one or friend could be the target of lawsuits to get the rest of the money. This means you essentially tear apart your friend’s financial wellbeing over your own irresponsibility.
  • The court will issue an arrest warrant: Because your bail bond has been rendered null, the court will put out a warrant and direct officers to arrest you and return you to jail immediately, holding you at least until the court date. These warrants are recorded federally, meaning any officer in the nation can find the warrant, regardless of when and where it was issued.
  • You’ll be subject to additional criminal charges and fines: Skipping bail is a crime that will be added on to the charges you already face. There will be no opportunity to post bond for this crime, because no judge is likely to give a bail skipper a second chance. You will also be subject to additional fines as well as extra jail time.
  • The court might hire bounty hunters: Bail recovery agents and bounty hunters are frequently used in Texas to find people who skip out on their bail. These are typically people who work for the bail bond company, who are trained experts at finding, catching and detaining people who jump bail.

Brazoria County Bail Bonds has been a trusted name in the industry for more than 25 years. For more information about what would happen if you decided to jump bail (here’s a hint—don’t do it), contact our bail bondsmen in Angleton, TX today and we will answer your questions.

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