Avoid These Four Behaviors While Out on Bond

You secured your bail bond and now you are free—sort of. Even though you are out, you still have to show up for criminal court procedures and remain on your very best behavior. Failing to follow through with court appearances and requirements can land you back in prison, and for a much longer period of time. Here are four behaviors to avoid on bond in Angleton, TX:

  • Skipping appearances: Think of this as a trial run to show the criminal justice system you know how to behave. Attend every court appearance and court-mandated counseling session. Do not skip them and hope that somehow the problem just goes away. You need to demonstrate that you can take responsibility before the court keeps you on release. Skipping these appearances is the easiest way to land back in jail, and at that point, there will be no other options for you to secure release.
  • Illegal activities: This goes without saying, and yet it still happens. If you have a suspended license, do not drive. That lack of trust will land you right back in a jail cell. Avoid being a factor in bar fights and domestic disturbances—again, that will show that you are incorrigible and not a good candidate for pretrial release. Definitely do not engage in the same illegal activity that landed you in the system in the first place. Many offenders out on bond will start dealing drugs or stealing again, only to find themselves facing additional charges and jail time.
  • Drug and alcohol use: While you are out on bond, drinking and drug use are not allowed. Therefore, you should not touch any substances outside your prescription medications. If you decide to visit a bar or pick up beer at the store, that can place you back in the county jail. Also, be careful with your living environment. If you have a household member who is still drinking, make sure they dispose of their bottles and cans away from your property. Otherwise, it will be assumed you resumed drinking again.
  • Leaving town: Being released on bond also includes location limits. You are likely not allowed to leave your town or county. In serious matters, you may even be restricted to your neighborhood. You must honor these limitations and stay put. Otherwise, you will be held until trial. If you must leave the area due to a family emergency, you will need to petition the court first. Do not just pick up and leave, hoping the judge will understand later. We promise you that it will not work out.

Being released on bond is a privilege, and it’s a good idea to avoid abusing it. Since COVID-19 is slowing down legal processes, you may be held before trial longer than you imagine. With this in mind, it’s a very good idea not to engage in the above behaviors to avoid on bond.

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