Can Bail Bond Agents Expedite Your Release?

Once bond is set, you remain in jail until someone pays it. You and your loved ones may not have access to resources to pay off that amount, and jails fill up with people who simply cannot pay their bail. Bail bonds can expedite the release process by requiring less money to be paid up front for your release. Here is how you can expedite the bail process with a bail bond in Angleton, TX.

How bail bonds work

Bail bonds are issued by bail bond agents. These individuals or companies pay the bail on your behalf when you and your family lack the money. Basically, you pay the agent a percentage of the requested bail, plus a small fee. The bail bond agent then pays the bail to the court, which is refunded to them as long as you keep making your required appearances. They keep the fee as their payment for their services.

The amount of bail and the needed bond depends on the crime committed and your previous criminal record. In serious cases, bail may not even be an option. If you have a record of skipping out on bail, the bail bond agent may require that you or a family member provide collateral, like excess cash or an interest in property. That way, they can attach your property for payment rather than hope you pay once they track you down.

Speed up your release process

Generally speaking, it is easier to secure $500 than it is to find $5,000. If a family member only has to pay $500 to hire a bail bond agent, you will be in jail for less time than if you must wait for them to gather up the whole $5,000. For many people, the choice is between a bail bond or staying in jail. That’s why bail bonds are often a needed service, especially since disease concerns right now make jail a more dangerous prospect.

Besides requiring less money, bail bonds also place a knowledgeable individual on your side. Bail bond agents have long relationships with county and municipal courts. They know whom to call to speed up the process, and they are familiar with the procedures and forms. While many lay people struggle through court systems, a bail bond agent can navigate the process more quickly and ensure every legal formality is completed correctly.

When you put together less money from your family and more experience with a bail bond agent, the result is an expedited release process. Many bail bond agents can secure release within 24 hours as long as the crime is a minor one. For more serious crimes, it can take longer, but still requires less time than if you tried to go through this on your own.

Expedite the bail process with a bail bond from Brazoria County Bail Bonds. Located in Angleton, TX, we offer the experience and resources to expedite the release process for you or a loved one. Contact us today to make arrangements.

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