Five Conditions to Expect When You’re Out on Bond

When you secure release through a bail bond, it’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card. That’s not how bail bonds work in Texas! In order to remain out on bond and not in jail while you await trial, you must meet Texas bail bond conditions that the judge imposes at your release hearing.

Here are five possibilities for conditions to expect when you’re out on bond in Angleton, TX. Depending on your charges, you may face all these conditions, or only one or two.

  1. Attend all court hearings: This requirement applies to all defendants released on bond. The reason a court sets bail is to ensure you continue to show up and don’t try to run away from your charges. If you’re out on bond, this condition is automatic. If you don’t follow it, your bond is forfeit and you will owe your bond holder money.
  2. Travel restrictions: Depending on your status as a flight risk, you may not be allowed to leave the county or even your town. There may also be curfew imposed and you will not be allowed out at night, unless you work night shift. Being out on bond is not a time to travel—although you may be accommodated in family emergency cases. Besides ensuring your continued court appearances, curfew and travel limits also intend to prevent you from re-offending.
  3. No alcohol: Defendants facing DUI or other substance-related charges will be required to abstain from drugs and alcohol while out on bond. This means avoiding places that serve alcohol (like bars) and never imbibing in substances like marijuana. You’re not even allowed to indulge when you’re home, much less take a night out on the town. Even if you don’t break any laws while doing so, your bond will be forfeit if you’re caught drinking or hanging out in a bar or pub.
  4. Surrender of passport: Like other travel restrictions, this intends to reduce your flight risk. When a defendant has the resources to leave the country and travel to another country which does not extradite, then the court will order passport surrender and give you a set time to accomplish this. If you don’t surrender your passport by the deadline, you’ll forfeit your bond.
  5. Surrender of firearms: Any charges that involve firearms or assaulting another person will result in an order to surrender firearms. If you’re cleared of charges, you’ll receive them back. However, as long as you’re on bond, you cannot own or have access to firearms without forfeiting your bond and returning to jail. In some cases, even being around firearms can be enough to land you back behind bars while you await trial.

Brazoria County Bail Bonds in Angleton, TX is here to help if you or a loved on require a bail bond. We know how bail bonds work in Texas and once you’re out on bond, you only need to meet the Texas bail bond conditions the judge applies to you. Call today to get started with the bond process.

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